Green Fuel Two Fossil Fuel Marketing

Fuel is a highly used word and term whether it is dealing with Green energy or fossil fuels .
But the parameter of the word dose not stop there . Here is a little experiment you can try it wont hurt or cause adverse effects . First take a deep breath and try too clear your mind of all thoughts once this is achieved close your eyes and think of one word ( fuel ) . Then open your eyes and write down everything you may have thought about . Keep in mind we are all different and the term ( fuel ) will mean different things to some or may mean the same to others . Also we should keep in mind the word ( fuel ) I would think could be swayed do to geographical areas . The point is from how I see it the word ( fuel ) it is a highly suggestive marketing term but is only a small part that creates the marketing value .

Green fuel food for thought

Green fuel wen one thinks of the word fuel specifically one may think food .


Green fuel for example the term green could be an inhibiting factor of the word ( fuel ) two a certain prospective of people to find out the same experiment as above can be done with the word ( Green ) . In any sense marketing is a tough animal to conquer and keep under control in order to bring in prospective profits . There are many professional people whom work in the field of marketing and most are well worth the money they are payed . Most people and this includes those whom have owned businesses in the past never thought of marketing let alone new there were campaigns in order to impalement such strategies . But most of this changed do to the INTERNET and web use although depending on the product to be marketed and the use thereof you must go well beyond the net .
Let us think about whom are the biggest fossil fuel marketers are for example but not limited to .
1 ) The Auto Industries ( They do but are not the main marketer and for the most part we are all privy to there marketing strategies and thanks to MR . Musk a lot of this is changing )
2 ) The Oil industries headquarters ( Located in Louisiana I believe many campaigns and strategies for marketing purposes are started here as well as new derivatives but even though this is the case in a pie factor they fall short )
3 ) The Government ( Masters of campaigning and spinning )

Fossil fuel marketing to Green Fuel

Green fuel no marketing from uncle Sam

Green fuels are what is needed but the government connection to fossil fuel is of national security

So exactly what am I saying ? Is our own government dirty ? Well yes and no . Before we go off half way knowledgeable and start pointing fingers and taking heads one must consider all the facts . Keep in mind I am not stating there is no corruption involved here and I am well aware of the devastating impacts due to fracking and off shore drilling I have written articles in relation to fracking . But what I am saying is we must understand all the facts and here the hidden message are government is sending as odd as the statement may sound . The first question that always seems to come to mind is the government even aware of the adverse effects of fossil fuels ? The answer is quit simply yes . The next question usually is well why doesn’t the government just force a change and go all green none fossil fuel ? Understanding governmental marketing strategies is not hard there main catalyst is to get everyone thinking they need a particular product . This strategy pushes prices down and makes it cost effective for everyone including themselves . This is where everything gets real sticky ( or gummy oiled up ) and where the hidden message is . Before we discover what I believe is the hidden ( Marketing Message ) the government is sending we should first get are feet wet with a little history .
The video I am about to share holds a brief history although the video in question maybe highly controversial as it relates to Noah’s Ark in the Bible please enjoy .


So as you can see many people made there fortunes off of oil including Rockefeller . But to really put things into perspective we have to look at energy as a whole and understand that Oil is only one of the environment producers although it may leave the biggest detestable look such as any gold rush left .
This next link I am about to share starts to zoom and put things into perspective on why we cannot just drop Oil and other pollutants and go green . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the ENERGY INDUSTRY . So as you can see if you reviewed this link energy in itself is of a National Security issue and any immediate change thereof could be catastrophic to our society as a whole . In any event we must also take into consideration that even though the government are big marketing players they are also consumers . Within there consumer end of the market energy and fuel is supplied to our armed forces as well as high end scientific projects . Just what do I mean by high end ? Well they require an enormous amount of energy . This next video will show and explain the high amount of energy needed to run the CERN hydrogen collider and we are talking huge TEVS of power enjoy



In this next video yet another high end experiment called HAARP the amount of power to run this is huge as well please sit back and enjoy .



And of course we cannot forget the quantum computer experiments that require tremendous amounts of power to keep things real cool . None the less this consumption is considered in Americas best interest in order to remain a equal power figure in the world and to protect the citizens thereof .

Marketing green Fuel and the Secret Message


Green fuel roof shingles

Green fuel technology has many advancements such as these roof shingles making solar part of the house


Sure enough marketing in itself can be a daunting task especially with national security being the opposing party . We know a lot about the advancements of Green Fuel and or energy and because of this sometimes it can make us cringe as to why we do not use more of it . I could post many links and or videos to the advancement of green fuel and or energy but I think we are all aware of them . Instead I will share the article that actually inspired me to write this . This article comes straight out of the archives of Linkedin written by none other Peter Diamandis I give you DISRUPTING ENERGY .
So what is the hidden message here for marketers of the green movement from the government and national safety and security ? For all scientists physics professors alike it is a call to go to the drawing board and show the production of a TEV of power form Green producing energy . Until this occurs America and the rest of the world will keep there energy polices the same but at the same time push the population to be conservative .

In Conclusion

This article was not intended to enhance any conspiracy theories nor denounce them but only to educate the hardships of marketing clean green fuel and energy . The opposition is very large and holds some merit but there is a way to move past this . Green and clean fuel technologies is as a small child and it will take all of us to raise this child . The facts that have been laid before you in this article are things not normally talked about therefore not normally understood .
Have a nice day riding the wave of GREEN FUEL TWO FOSSIL FUEL MARKETING I am out .

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