Green Advancements Away From Fossil Fuel

Advancing the green Movement

Advancing the green movement is a tough job but it has well proven moving away from fossil fuels is a must . We as a global community must work together to achieve these goals if one country or government chooses to ignore the issues it could make it all for not leaving us all in the midst of our own pollution . It is very unfortunate that within our day and age of Technology we still listen to the lies propagated by governments and industry for the sake of profit .


green movement

The green movement has made plenty of advancement but the whole world needs to cooperate



As we can see the renditions of this behavior as we look toward Japan and China within there smog filled daily lives . There have been many great advancements but there are also many lies we are clinging to none the less lets get on with the advancement .

Going green with Tesla

Tesla green with power wall

Tesla power wall is a good start but is it enough to put us in the green

Tesla has made some great achievements with in the lines of the green movement from electric cars to now a power grid wall . Of course with all the efforts of Elon Musk whom has his hands and funding in so many different projects including the space industry . These power walls come with there own battery for storage and hook right up to a house or building with the capability to sell excess power back to the grid . The first installation in the United States is set to take place in Vermont starting in January of 2016 . without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you Green Mountain POWER WALL INSTILLATION .

Going green with rechargeable paper Sheets

green with rechargeable power paper

This power paper has some great potential in the advancement of the green movement

That is right rechargeable sheets of paper this is supposed to be a new way of gaining electricity . Before we begin there is a bit of terminology to discover there is a term they use it is a 1 farad capacitor so the question is what is a Farad ? For the explanation of this term I will refer you to the Archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of a FARAD . The sheets of paper seem to have plenty of potential with the possibility of powering many of the devices we use in our every day lives today . These sheets seem to be very promising . Limitless if you think of the applications the paper could be applied to such as fabric , cars and buildings just to name a few . With ought further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the PAPER SUPER CAPACITOR .

Green movement and solar Panels

green movement needs to push solar charger attachment to all devices

The one thing that should be required during the sale of any device is some type of solar panel charger attached to the device to help advance the green movement

In this part of the green movement I am sure there are many that stand out like Elon Musk but because they are not as wealthy they do not get the admiration they well deserve . There is one young lady such as this whom has dedicated her life to improving solar panels to bring them more powerful and cost effective to the world . Her name is Charlot Plazerberkmin so please sit back and enjoy her video of this amazing young lady .



Although these techniques are well needed the question in the back of my mind is are scientists of the like being stagnated to one pacific field and being over passed by new technology and innovated ideas ?

Green movement and WI/FI

the green movement and wi/fi for electricity

wi/fi electricity only needs a receiver this would drastically give the green movement what it needs

It is funny how quickly lies can flow once a cat is let out of the bag in order to cover things up .
Let me explain awhile back I ran across some literature with design plains and all but unfortunately I forgot to save the link and sense then similar cover up articles have originated . So there for I can only tell you of this technology from my recollection of reading the information . We are surrounded by WI/FI waves these waves are nothing more than a signal and there is a way to convert theses WI/FI signals into to electricity . This procedure dose not interfere with the WI/FI signal and only a receiver is necessary because it is not necessary to answer back . Therefore as a cell tower puts out a signal or for that matter every cell phone our wireless router the receiver can pick these constant signals up and convert them to electric power with ought interrupting anyones signal . It is imperative the truths be told so we can move on so if anyone knows of this information I speak of please leave a link in the comment line so we can debunk the lies .



In Conclusion

It is a shame we live in a world of lies and propaganda that hides clean innovation do to the fact of greediness and profit . As we set goals to reduce carbon and other pollution and emissions that even at are current rate of reduction is not a sustainable factor . We need to stop playing the profit game and move our people into the jobs that help clean our environment before we all end up in the midst of smog wearing mask days like China or Japan .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the GREEN MOVEMENT I am out .

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