Graphic Card Noise And Repair

Graphic card hardware the GPU

Graphic card noise can be quit annoying and intrusive sure enough you could just pop in the ear buds but sometimes this will not even help . Sometimes ear budding or using ear phones can degrade game sound or block out surrounding area noise and conversation and the noisy card will effect others in the surrounding area .


Graphic cards big

Graphic cards very although they are similar in function they come apart differently


Making it tough to conduct meetings whether for business or play so it is better to fix that graphic card and at last resort replace . Fixing a graphic card dose a couple of things it should bring it back to a comfortable heat range and above all bring it to a quieter state . If your graphics card is making noise or is noisier than it should be it most likely running hotter causing the rest of the system to run hotter making other fans to turn on sooner . This will most likely cause an extra power consumption and being that said if your running an energy efficient system this may no longer be the case . For those who are new to hardware repair and would like to understand the relationship between graphics card and the term GPU I am including a simple history link . Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the simple history on graphic cards . For all the heavy hard hitter Intellectuals I am including a more intense history link . Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the more intense history of graphics cards .

Graphic card Geforce 9500 GT

Graphic cards Geforce 9500

Procedures very between how graphic cards come apart

The Geforce 9500 GT is our first topic and for obvious reasons this particular Graphics card is owned by sycorage of grephaxs and all the work including the video and audio was done by him . We here at grephaxs have a very long history in the repair , programming and building of computers knowing these ins and outs are like a second nature of natural behavior to us . For those who are not familiar with hardware but are determined to give such a repair a shot keep in mind wen he refers to pins he is referring to the plug on the fan . To see the reference on this please refer to this link straight out of the archives of tohmshardware I give you the explanation of pin adjustment 2 pin 3 pin 4 pin . Please sit back and enjoy this grephaxs Original Hardware hack : Silence Graphics Card Geforce 9500 GT .



Graphic card Nvidia GTS 250

nvidia graphics card

If a graphic card over heats it can make the whole system run hot

Keeping in mind although graphics cards are similar in nature and functionality they all very in performance as well as there disassembly and fixing there of . With this in mind homework is an essential process and any procedures followed from this article should be done at your own risk the grephaxs team is highly proficient in these areas . Please sit back and enjoy this next video quieting the Nvida GTS 250 .




Graphic card Radeon 6870

Graphic card

A smooth running graphic card is a coo;er system and better performance

Wow in this next video this procedure seems pretty extreme as he drills holes in the fan houseing it self but according to him it worked quit well . Like I said and I can not emphasis this enough ( DO YOUR HOMEWORK ) search Google make sure you have the proper information before undertaking any procedure . Without further delay enjoy this next video on quieting down the Radeon 6870 graphics card .



Graphic card Radeon 5870

Graphic card

All graphic cards look different and come apart different depending on age style and make

This next video was very nicely done although graphics cards very in stile and build although in this article we are not touching on performance or price . Performance and price is something to consider when buying a new graphics card as well as all other stats to determine system compatibility .
Please enjoy this next video on quieting the Radeon 5870 .




In Conclusion

As I have said earlier in this article if your graphics card has become noisy this could also cause havoc on your system . A noisy Graphics card most likely is running hot throwing off internal heat within any given system causing other fans to kick on earlier and run longer burning more energy . Hence that little energy sticker for energy efficiency could become null and void . If you find or think or do not have time to fiddle with such procedures reach out to your TECH friends or check into a repair shop .
A good TECH shop or a well tuned TECH friend is well worth anything they ask for said repairs .
If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comment area we would be glade to help .
Have a great day ridding the wave of SILENCING THE GRAPHIC CARDS .

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