Government Virus Inoculation For Computers

Virus detection programs

It is no doubt that detection programs and there makers have come under fire and have fallen to there knees saying we are loosing the war . Although this may be true in some essence we also must consider the fact that the term virus has Ben expanded . Wen the expansion of the term accrued I am not sure .

virus inoculation by the government

If a government inoculation of computers is started many in the field virus protection could lose there jobs as we fund yet another government program

For example but not limited to .
1 ) A virus was a program someone wrote that would effect one or millions of computers thus making them inoperable or crippling the functions there of .
The new definitive properties of a virus is as follows but not limited to .
1 ) If you are a hacker and find your way in threw a back-door ( you are construed as a virus implementer ) .
2 ) If you reconstruct a program to function out of the norm ( this to could be construed as a virus )
Virus protection programs and companies have done a great job and will continue to do so even with the broadening terms .
But is there something more sinister at hand here ?

Government virus Inoculation

virus computer inoculation

They are suggesting we mirror our now health system inoculation program and allow the government to inoculate all computer viruses

Say what ? Is actually what I said . I could not believe my ears or for that matter where it was coming from . The whole suggested is the virus inoculation program is suppose to mirror the inoculation system we use for our children in the medical field today . If I had more than two eyebrows they would be with the first two raised well above the hairline . This information came from none other than Def Con 9 and yes I said ( Def Con 9 ) . Straight out of the archives of Def Con 9 I give you the proposed GOVERNMENT VIRUS INOCULATION PROGRAM for computers .


Government computer virus inoculation and Quantum Computing

government virus inoculation

using molecules and Adams in Quantum computers requires higher virus protection because of the nature of the beast but must it come from the government

It is most pertinent that we consider both realms of computing being the simple fact we are heading into a Quantum era . For this example of Quantum computing and to bring a closer understanding of why someone would want such a program I have decided to bring to you a Google hang out .
Understanding that the Def Con 9 video and the hang out are quit a bit lengthy but believe me wen I say it is best for you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader to make there own call on this .
With ought further delay straight out of the archives of Google Hangouts I give you the EXPLANATION OF QUANTUM computers and there advancements .


In Conclusion

Have we so quickly forgotten about the five eyes and all the information that Edward Snowden shared ? What about all the back-doors the government new about and left open so they could use them and once they were noticed pretended to be surprised ? Government virus inoculation seems imperative for the growth of Quantum computers from a see all control all perspective of Governments . Although many may not see it this way wavering in the excitement of Quantum computers in general but we must be cautious . The Internet although in its infancy is prime ground yet to be fully overtaken we as a people still hold freedom lets not just hand it away . The pure implication of a Governmental virus inoculation for computers could cause many restraints and put some companies out of business .
If a system is not inoculated it may be restricted from networks around the world a type of censorship .
Virus companies as we know them today could go under do to a government take over . Such a government inoculation program leaves great opportunity for funding yet another part of the government as well as plenty of room for the implementation of back-door espionage .
Peace have a great day riding the VIRUS INOCULATION wave I am out .

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