Government Spy Tool Uncovered

Spy Tool


It is a catchy line but lets not be deceived I am pretty sure the government wasn’t the only culprits to use these exploits .
And like the old saying ( the wet head is dead ) the exploits are not they are just bigger and better .
And of course none of these exploits became apparent until the leaks of Edward Snowden .

What Were The Targets

The targets were entire networks they even infected hotel networks to gain information from unsuspecting travelers .
And they attack cellular networks and gained user names and passwords and had capabilities to shut down cellular networks during an invasion dare I say ( kill switch ) much .

Wen Did It Start

Well according to wired it all started around 2008 but hadn’t gained attention until 2011 .
The Trojan was called ( regin ) to which most virus scanners can detect although the complexity stated leads me to believe within its stealthiness ability it could rename itself .
This is such a long report and well put together by wired at this point I think it is best you review there Paige .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wired I give you the government spy tool uncovered .

In Conclusion

We should consider and take this document very serious .

Not only from just a common citizens point of view but from every standpoint all the way from our legal system two our supposed to be private lives .
In view of the big data collections now going on by the government capabilities are as follows but are not limited two .
1) Network invasion ( gaining access to a computers even if not connected to the Internet ) .
2) Cell tower intrusion ( possible false towers ) ( gaining passwords and other information ) .
3) Keystroke loggers ( logs every key you hit ) .
4) Clipboard sniffer ( sniffs and logs all passwords ) .
5) Modules for USB devices ( logs all information about USB devices and whats on them ) .
6) Extraction modules ( two extract all deleted files ) .
The list goes on and on but I think you should be able to connect the dots by now .
But there are some questions still remaining .
1) Is this just a time that is history in the making ?
2) How can we be protected ? (keep security up to date and possibly align yourself to organizations like the EFF ) .
So after seeing this report and a short summarization nothing is safe ( privet ) and all is compromised .
Peace I am out .


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