Google Sniffs Out Methane


Methane Sniffer

This is a great idea and these efforts could help a lot .
It was actually The Google Earth Outreach and Environmental Defense Fund who teamed up together .
But without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I bring you the methane sniffer .



The Possible Upgrade

It would be nice to see Google Upgrade there vehicle two test for soil , water and radioactive contaminants as well .


Set A New Course

Then for Google to set a new course heading to all fracking facilities in the US and beyond .
Google earth has already Ben utilized to research the relationships between earthquakes and fracking .






Fracking contaminates water , soil and air leaving residence without drinking water or the capability to water crops and livestock .
The waist spreads radioactive dust and between all of these situations brings fourth medical problems such as but not limited to nerve damage within humans and livestock alike .
The main contaminate being methane .



In Conclusion

Would this help ?
I believe it would and maybe it would further bring accountability threw awareness .
With the technology we have today we should be well off the dependency for oil and gas but due to big investors its hard to push past them .
America needs to be rehabbed to get off its dependency for it is truly Genocide in America .
So the challenge goes out to the Google Earth Outreach team and the Environmental Defense Fund to make the necessary upgrades and visit all fracking and surrounding areas , facilities and regions to do testing for methane and radioactive waste products in soil air and water to help stop the genocide .
Have a safe free none contaminated day if you can I be gone .


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