Google Glass Review Rant


Google Glass

The Geek Beat TV has a problem with Google Glass .
They went 2 thousand dollars in the hole by ordering the prescription style glasses of Google Glass .
Check this video out , straight out of the archives of Geek Beat TV I give you the best review rant I have ever seen .




Beta Version

Well first of all we would think all of these problems would have Ben solved during the beta testing period right ?
But hold up one second before you proses that thought while Google was in-fact offering the beta program we must really understand what beta means today and for this I would like to refer you to a previous article I wrote called Beta Up



In Conclusion

I am not sure what exact resolutions were tried if any to resolve the issues or for that matter what improvements if any Google will try to make .
It would be interesting to see the expected marketing value to the true value on this product .
But any who for further reading on this subject also refer to a previous article written called
Glass Of Google


I hope you have enjoyed peace have a great Google Glass surfing day I be out .


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