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Kill switch

It seems they think we need a kill switch set in place automatically to our cell phones and other devices in order to curb crime without a recovery program so if the misses or your self miss places the phone and panics thinking its Ben stolen hits the Switch all data is gone and renders the phone useless . It appears quit a few phone developers are on board but will this pose to show gain in certain parts of the industry like phone sales , insurance and use of a cloud in order to retrieve data ? Will this be able to allow abuse from any said entity some have rumored such concerns . So where is all this coming from well apparently its starting in California and is said to have an impact globally .

So straight from the archives of boingboing check it .






So as you can see there are other alternatives to use all ready if the cell phone users decide to utilize such measures , but of course theres always someone who thinks that people are not responsible enough and say the kill switch feature should be activated by default whoops hope they make that function clear hate to accidentally hit that button .



Wireless Carriers

Some wireless carriers have Ben fighting against the Kill Switch but apparently it has fallen under death ears and some companies have already adjusted there protocol to include the Kill Switch and have maid claims that it has curbed the crime rate but I am a little concerned it is to early to see what rate it has curbed if any at all . And apparently according to an article from CNN any cell phone sold after 2015 must come with Kill Switch already installed .

Straight from the archives of CNN I give you Kill Switch .





Kill Switch Internet

Kill Switch is not a new idea its Ben around for a while but was first thought about for controlling the Internet . You say what ? And I say thats right some politicians felt it would be best to give no other than President Obama and some affiliates God privileges over the Internet .

But before we go on I would like to see your feet wet so I am going to share the history Paige straight from the archives of wikipedia .





As you probably noticed there were plenty of laws in place already so the question is why would they want to re-wright a whole new one ? Well the idea is to help are nation against attacks threw the Internet but a lot of these measures are already in place so is this a move for a big brother push to invade our privacy further I am not saying it is or isn’t but one can only ponder .

Straight from the archives of the huffington post I give you Kill Switch Internet .





Windows 8 Kill Switch

That is right windows 8 apparently has a Kill Switch built right in and according to PC mag hackers have Ben drooling over this scenario ever since it came about . So whats to come of all this hmm maybe it will give Kill Switch Engaged a lift up in the search world who knows .

Well check this site out straight out of the archives of PC Mag .






It doesn’t surprise me that windows jumped right into the midst of this but what dose surprise me is all the cell phone companies that have joined the measure in the midst of mopping up all the other collateral damage caused by big brother snooping , having that whole mess not cleared up yet and courageously leading the charge into a whole new mess . Who knows if it will be for the good of all or not pleas leave a comment let us know what you think .

Have a nice safe surfing day I am gone .


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