Germany Advancement


What a place with its lush landscape and great food .
Sure Germany has had there ups and downs and many rough roads as any other country .
Although I could go on and on about there problems from the spying endeavors and such but instead I would like to pat them on the back for a job well done in the advancement in the area of technology .
That is right folks nanocelltechnology .


They brought fourth a car with 0 emissions with speeds to bring about to 0-120 in 2.8 seconds the top speed being 217 mph .
This car is salt water powered .
It appears to get its main power source from the super capacitors .
And you can control the car doors via smart phone .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you 0-emissions .



As well here are a couple of videos so you can truly get your feet wet .

Although this is a great advancement apparently you still have to plug in at some point .
I find this to be slightly unfortunate and hopefully at the next turn someone could move past plugging into anything .
All I can say is owe my .
On this next website it gives you more of a feel in its extremely well done video .
Owe but there is something that raised my eye brow apparently there is at some point spent electrolytes that need removing so to be replenished hmmm .
So straight out of the archives of transportevolved I give you nanoflowcell electric car .



In Conclusion

These are great advancements aligning in a similar fashion to the Tesla .
Although there are a couple of questions to be pondered .
A ) How are the spent electrolytes changed out ? B ) Dose this technology have anything to do with the nano whisker project ? IE see prior article ( Nanowhisker ) C ) Why are we still plugging in ?
Have a great day nano surfing peace I am out .

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