Gas Prices and Fracking

Gas Prices

As we all celebrate the lowering gas prices in the united states and watch the as the Russians fall two there knees as the price of the barrel of oil falls .
And as threats of layoffs within Americas oil industries if the barrel hits below 30 dollars .
Although we are set to see another spike in gasoline prices but this time do to a seasonal change .

Seasonal Blend

Sounds like a coffee ( Smooth and relaxing ) .
But wen and were did all this seasonal blend come from and start , well from what I found so far seasonal blend was finalized in the year 2000 .
For the most part the seasonal blend of gasoline is caused by the mandates set by the government in order to regulate pollution control , in some areas mixtures are allowed and in others they are not allowed .
So without further delay and in order to give us a clearer picture straight out of the archives of nacsoline I give the seasonal blend .

On The Fracking End

The oil mongers are pressing hard two be allowed to dump more radioactive waste at one time .
That is right I said ( RADIOACTIVE WASTE ) .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you Fracking in South Dakota .

One Could Only Hope

I could ramble on about the effects and dangers on or within fracking but two be totally honest I already have along with half a million others stating these facts .
1 ) Contaminated soil and water .
2 ) methane ( Making water combustible )
3 ) Radioactive waste ( put in to trucks as a mud like substance upon delivery dries and becomes an airborne radioactive cloud contaminating the surrounding area ).
4 ) Destroying social infrastructures of small towns and cities by causing a residential crises by product and housing prices two escalate do to the over population ( workers ) that a fracking company needs pushing out locals because they cant afford to live there .
One could only hope the Government would take a stronger stance on cleaner energy products and get away from the fight for oil stance which has Ben weaved threw American history .
If you would like two learn more about fracking and the death and destruction it causes please refer two my related articles at the bottom of this article .

In Conclusion

Do we rely need more regulations and regulators and programs to over see and obscure them or rather do we deadlines and cut offs as we use the most smog filled and polluted areas as examples two not get that bad ?
Is the green peace new product clean air people making advancement or are the oil mongers just not caring and wanting just to make that profit ?
Who knows , but one things for sure we gotta breath drink and eat .
Have a great day surfing the gasoline / fracking wave I am out .

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