Gaming in 3-D

3 – D


3 – D can mean a lot of things from but not limited to , things jumping out of the screen at you while watching a scary movie to 3 – D digital enhancement but to certain people 3 – D means much more wen it comes to gaming .

Depth VR

I first saw this on gadgetify and my jaw about hit the floor .
This baby brings objects right out of the monitor and allows touch functionality something many have only dreamed about .
It brings a whole new perspective to depth perception .
You only need four products two of which you probably already own ( monitor and computer ) .
At this time only 15 games are available but the good news is they left plenty of room for game developers to make there games depth vr compatible .

Depth move-ability

The move-ability at this time is secluded to the head which seems a bit odd .
I would hope they would import some mouse depth move-ability as well at some point .

Depth VR is Using Kickstarter

Thats right folks this is yet another Kickstarter ( crowdfunding ) project .
What they are looking for is to lower costs in production .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gadgetify I give you Depth VR .

For Developers

They use an easy to use unity plug-in for 3 – D applications they also use an SDK for other engines .
There kickstarter is well put together as they show the true breakdown .


At this time the pricing is highly tied two there pledges and I am not sure how that all plays out being in most cases pledges are not officially taken until the main goal is met .
There main goal being 50,000 of which at this time only 9,608 has Ben met .
So if your looking to pledge or just looking for an example of a good kickstarter Paige this could be the one .
But as always do not take my word for it , you and yes I said ( YOU ) should take the time and make sure it meets your needs .

The Competitor

Oculus Rift I felt it would be good to mention them , they appear two have quit a foot hold but are they worth it ?
Here is a testing video by tested just a little something to sink your teeth into .
And as you will see there talking like 300 bucks .
So without further delay straight out of tested I give you Oculus Rift .




Depth VR

Here is a little video from Depth VR so hopefully you can somewhat make a comparison .
So without further delay I give you Depth VR .



In Conclusion

So there you have it .
It is your choice spend 300 dollars for things that are not quit working right ( Oculus Rift ) or pledge to the competitor ( Depth VR ) in hopes they will get it right .
Peace I am out .


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