Furguson And American Rights



Its a terrible thing for any man women or child to lose there life for any reason .
There is a lot going on in the news concerning this tragedy and for what I have found to grid my feet towards was this article straight out of the archives of democracy now .






The question remains why would they the police or any other authoritative figure target and attack Journalists ?
As our freedoms march towards a critical juncture in America the Governmental and officiated agencies only want one side told , there watered down perspective so as to appear to be the heroic functioning part of our society .
Our fundamental freedoms hang by the threads of open and free accurate journalism .
The more censorship the more lack of knowledge the more they have control over the people .



In Conclusion

As our country moves forward not allowing peaceful demonstrations and silencing journalists or censoring .
They put spins on curtain situations to further escalate them to bring a fear factor across the country .
For example but not limited to ( Fracking ) while were not paying attention this production continues to move into our back yards .
Our Government has fought for years over receiving and protecting oil and oil investments but if we are allowed to protest and speak out the big investment game will be over .
We need to strengthen our freedoms not hamper them .
Fracking is genocide in America , it all begins with police at a military reediness our government will fight as they have in the past to keep the oil flowing .
All these new armaments that have Ben given our police forces need to be given back so they can officially continue the role of serving and protecting the needs of the people in any said community .
Peace have a safe surfing day with all our American Freedoms for ( WE ARE THE PEOPLE ) .


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