Fukushima 2



While hearing about the latest earthquake near Fukushima I figured I would see what was happening and if at all the nuclear plant was effected .
Luckily ( if there is luck there ) there was no new effect no tsunami thank God .
But what I did discover was that Tepco the company in charge is way over there head with this matter .
There is an on-slot of anger coming from from the population with good reason one would think .

Social Problems

There seems to be an ongoing Social problem from predigest anger towards the people who work or have worked for Tepco at the nuclear plant most likely due to the slowness to get things under control and as the population watches there precious fishing industry go under by contaminated fish .
They have places set aside to test the fish for radiation But the question I ponder in my head are there any neighboring countries testing there fish to make sure the fish they catch are not contaminated ?

Japans Beach Front

Going to the beach is usually a great time fun in the sun and a nice refreshing dip in the water .
But in Japan the word of the century is don’t go in the water being millions of gallons of radioactive waste is being pumped into the ocean .

Two Other Questions Remain

1) Is any of the contamination airborne and if so to what extent as we are waiting for the northern part of the of USA to be cooled from the push of the latest Typhoon that hit Japan ?
2 ) Are other countries and the organizations that run there nuclear facilities better prepared to handle such a disaster ?

What Is Tepco Doing

Well that is kinda hard to determine .
There had Ben a race to create a functional robots to go into the facility which I think happened but if you would like to see the latest goings on and concerns visit this site and scroll to the bottom and watch the videos .
So without further delay the latest on fukushima straight out of the archives of theepochtimes .

In Conclusion

It is a shame when something like this happens .
We are all connected threw our vast Eco system and eventually we will all feel the effects if we haven’t already .
Peace have a safe none radioactive day I am out .

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