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Ad Campaigns

What are they and were do they come from ?
Our society as a whole are surrounded by ad campaigns whether it be on the web or while walking , driving or just watching T.V we are bombarded by ads .
Not all add campaigns are bad and as a matter of fact they make the dollar flow even within this site .

The Best Free Ad Campaign

The best free ad campaign is word of mouth for example but not limited to ( You tell a friend about htt:// and how you like us ) or ( you tell a friend how you like Google + ) this is word of mouth .

Ads And Marketing

I would say that 90 percent of marketing are our should be ad based leaving 10 percent for reconstruction of any said product or organization to be promoted .


Youtube has a big ad campaign wen ever you watch a video whether it be news , music or an educational video .
There are a couple of ways these ads are delivered .
1 ) Splash ads through out the video play .
2 ) Timed ads allowing you to skip after four seconds into the ad .
3 ) A straight threw yellow line ad not skip-able .
And on the yellow line none skip-able I have noticed that sometimes there is a yellow line freeze leaving the said ad confined in the video viewing area for example check out this photo were it yellow lined on me leaving the ad in the window causing me to give the said ad a premises stare more so than I normally would have .

yellow line showing ad stuck

yellow lined showing ad stuck

Update for yellow line Ad Stall

I have randomly discovered that the yellow line is in fact an add campaign as well as a way to say hey are you still there .
I think in its early stages there was no way to get around it but now all you have to do is hit the on-pause button and off you go .
Not really sure what took them so long or how many people this actually affected but i hope this helps .

In Conclusion

Is this a new ad campaign orchestrated by youtube or there counter parts or a programming error ?
This I am not sure but one thing I am sure of if you have a business new or old small or big and you don’t have a strong ad campaign and your business is hurting it may be time to pick it up a notch and begin exercising that business muscle by strengthening your ad and marketing campaigns .
So lets speak about it , tell us what your business product or organization is .
Leave a comment and by all means if you find our ads interesting give give them a click share the love help the world go around .
Have a great day surfing the business world peace I am out .

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