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Energy , Gas , Oil all big issues we all use them weather its for eating , cooking or driving or cars and most likely a bunch of other stuff I am not mentioning . Gas and oil prices have soared over the past three two four years to new heights I can remember wen gas was only cost 75 cents a gallon . So as gas and oil prices rise and it becomes more expensive to travel and heat are homes most people were looking to find other renewable energy’s rather than the fossil fuels already in use ( I.E. wind , solar ect . ) to which would hopefully cause little to no adverse impacts on the environment . So we tried to hamper our consumption of our foreign oil products in hopes we could gain a grasp on a much cleaner efficient way of life . Unfortunately the people and organizations seem to have little to no money and the existing oil companies remain to be very wealthy with a slew of a teams of logistic lawyering to back them up . So in the midst of all this Chang the oil monopolist seen they were going to loose there socks in other words millions of dollars and there investors would crumble and loose horribly . So instead of investing into and creating a cleaner prospect they decided to under skirt everyone once again and take up what they call Fracking . So what is Fracking well we will get to that in a minute first I would like to share with you this watered down kinda politically correct video on the results of Fracking it is a long video so if you wanna cut to the chase you could fast forward to the woman speaking in the pink shirt .





So know we know some of the consequences of fracking we should go a little farther and explore how it is done and why any community area would allow it . Most areas have there own city and towns water facility if a town or city have a lot of area wells of course the city or town our where ever they get there drinking water from and returns there sewage to makes less money so contaminating wells from that view point would secure higher revenue causing cities towns and or counties to play ball . After considering that fact lets see how fracking is accomplished .

On this Paige you will see a nice short video on how fracking is done so enjoy .

There is another part of the dilemma of fracking that hasn’t Ben mentioned in this article until know which is earthquakes that is right folks earthquakes , when they drill down and then side ways then blow there caps and start thrusting these chemicals between these air pocketed rock formations it has the potential to build up pressure causing a substantial overload to our tectonic plates check out this video just done recently .




Even tho our our government and the EPA understand what the critical circumstances are and how its putting lives at risk it appears they just don’t care and the oil and gas companies are still making there push .

Here is a Paige where you can see the latest push for drilling and sign a petition .



So the home of the sinkhole and the ring of fire , how much devastation could happen in Florida how many people have privet drinking wells or just wells to water oranges or grass and live stock . This just seems to get harder to believe as I find out more info that are own country would permit such an atrocity to its own society check out this petition on off shore fracking off the coast of California now it states the chemicals could cause nerve damage .


This is quit a shame just so someones wallet can get fat they put everyone at risk we need to put a stop to this . This is a highly sensitive matter we need to question are politicians find out who’s got the co honeys to stand up against these oil mongers and get rid of the ones who don’t before its to late .

So have a safe getting rid of fracking all together day before its to late for all of us .


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