Fracking Allowed At Pittsburgh Airport


Money Hungry

Fracking 7 Or 8

Greedy is the name of the game , bring in the gains at any cost who cares if our water gets contaminated its like finding money a quote from ( Pittsburgh Airport Officials ) .
so without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you Pittsburgh airport allows fracking operation .



Profit Aside

The risk and dangers are well defined and understood to see the risks and dangers in the top left hand side of this site research previous articles ( Fracking ) .
These people are telling lies to you Pittsburgh in order to line there own pockets .
They will have contaminated water and soil with methane and radioactive waste .
The contaminated water will burst into flames and you cant drink it or bath in it and you can not water crops with the water .
And yes then there is Earthquakes you can for the most part recover from those but it will take years if at all possible to recover water and land .



In Conclusion

I urge you NO NO , I CHALLENGE you to read my prior articles on Fracking and say owe we just don’t know all the information yet so its OK .
This is genocide behavior , crimes against humanity .
Have a safe pure drinking water day if you can I am out .


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