Fracking 6


Fracking update

Omg wen will they learn to do there homework ?
First of all no amount of money is worth the contamination of drinking water , soil and live stock not to mention nerve damage and other illnesses caused to human beans .
And of course the company is going to drag along all other employees to save money for there company .
As there local politician smiles and say we need stronger restrictions I say what a sell out to friends neighbors and family as well as the environment .
The only real thing that will help is to stop the Fracking and shailing and become creative and do your job bring work to your area that is clean and dose not contaminant or kill your people .
So without further delay right out of the mid west archives I give fracking and ongoing problems .




This is a very dangerous thing to play around with .
Even if you put a three mile radius from any fault line it would appear to me Fracking , Shailing , or Fracturing which ever name you want to use will eventually create there own fault line or sink wholes .
So without further delay straight out of the Cleveland archives I give you the site that talks about Fracking and Earthquakes .



And heres a couple of nice videos to prove the point .







In Conclusion


They will promise you the world and only deliver corruption and death .
We cannot live without clean water , good soil and healthy food .
Have a nice healthy free none earthquake none contaminated day if you can peace I be gone .


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