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Fracking Update

So it has begun the first noticeable or at least talked about abandonment of oil Fracking and other wells. Areas left devastated contaminated and seepage of methane goes into the water supply with the only recourse but to complain in hopes someone has an ear to hear and a way to properly compensate . The oil mongers claim there is no solid proof that the methane in the water system is related to there abandon wells although there has Ben scientific experiments that already proves other wise but more evidence must be gathered being the first were preliminary and beaten back probably by the large logistic team of the oil mongers . Were is this taking place you ask ? No other than Pennsylvania home of the rail road .

So straight from the RT archives I give you methane leaks .


So you ask how could this happen ? Well its quit simple rely , It all starts from American addiction to fossil fuel and then balloons into the cost of the recession . The oil mongers paint a pretty picture that touch the heart of millions stating if you allow us to drill here it will bring jobs not one or two but thousands and the area will profit like no other claiming to be there Savior , California who is in a bit of a scuffle right now is recognizing the falsity of this statement already . Second to sweeten the pot they say gas prices threw out America will drop drastically but of course this lie has Ben brought to the surface it has Ben more profitable for them to export all these products . And thirdly to put the icing on the cake they bring peoples attention to the fact of how America has always fought over oil and make it sound like our only interest in helping another country was for the sake of our interest in the oil region areas to which some of this may be true but it is an exploited statement by saying our troops will be protected and will not have to fight for this reason as south Dakota Representative claims . Once the idea has Ben excepted in any given area its a hard fight to make things right as is being found in Pennsylvania as well as California . The reason being is the oil mongers have a team of the most extreme powerful lawyers which in numbers is hard to count as well no politician likes to admit that he or she maid such a grave error leaving there hands blood stained in the midst of destruction . Many have laid claim to the statement to this is a good thing we cant stop now we just must make improvements but I ask you this at what cost and whom shall be the next Ginny pig in this experiment gone wrong MR Frankenstein ? Will it be your daughter or son to have nerve damage or niece , nephew , uncle will it be your water next that burst into flames do to the contamination of water or will your area first be riddle with unbelievable earthquakes do to fact of fracking exploits . As California learns the hard truths and struggles to shut down the oil mongers hopefully they will look to a good method of clean up if there is one available and if its not to late .

Straight out of the RT archives I give you California’s struggle .



America as a whole as well as the global community needs stand up to the oil mongers and we need to rehab our addiction of fossil fuels . Oil in it self should be removed from the stock markets so these investors cannot get any richer and it would promote other technologies to move forward with the proper guidance .


Have a happy safe fracking surfing day if you can peace .


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