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So it has come to this , the new gold rush of the 21 st century , haven’t we learned anything in America . We put our trust in Coal for years many good men young and old suffered threw these problems with many families losing there loved ones and those companies squirting the line of regulations with the cost to mankind sure at times the money could have Ben great but to the cost of how many lives and how many generations . The medical issues were great from cave ins to lung damage to contaminates but the people whom get there wallets fat just don’t care .



The Gold Rush

Way back in the day wen it was all about the gold and that fever ran threw our veins and the promise of getting rich was just for a few nuggets everyone would herd to a pacific area to hopefully make there fortune buying land staking claim after claim . But let us consider both gold and Coal , what happens wen it drys up there is nothing left to extract . Look at the history of an old gold rush town they turned into quick ghost towns with no revenue leaving poor people still poor and desolate leaving the landscape scared and changed forever .



Dependency/International Affairs

You say what ? And I say yes they work hand and hand and the more people that see the understanding will see the let down of the American Government and hopefully see the changes that need to be maid . While we all note atrocities that happen abroad and in America and we stand back and are abhorred we think OMG we must do something so we cry out to the Government we must do something . Our Government ( says smiling in the corner ) yes we must do something so we think were all on the same Paige but the truth of the matter they are more concerned with Americas addiction to fossil fuels .


As the Dependency Ends

As our dependency ends for foreign oils so dose the Governments concern on what happens in these countries and well some might view this as a good thing but we should look at the whole picture . So let me help you zoom in and maybe fast forward a little , As much as no one would care as much for the things that go on in these other countries the same will happen here in America wen the fracking is done and no more is to be had the Company in-charge will leave and leave behind the poverty pollution and destruction as America has never seen . We have already went to great lengths to jeopardize or society with our nuclear plants and now we do this . Were all aware of the earth quake danger it has the capability of causing imagine the dangers of this in accordance with our nuclear plants it will be devastating . So we need to ask are selves whats more important our happiness in the moment with our addiction or the future of mankind ? This video I am about to share with you is a little politically correct and watered down but bare with them they speak and show a lot of truths some of which you may have to read between the lines . What was missing from this video they did not speak to the local residents and they did not discus pollution or how much methane is in the drinking water or and radioactive materials .







Let us make no mistake it is Fracking as with any big company name changes and additives are always great ways to smooth the playing field in order to get what they want whether its squirt diplomacy or regulation so keep in mind they will change the name and promise to be the Savior hiding the hand of death and destruction .

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