Food and the Figurative Dollar


The FDA Food Trade Off


It is strange how things come about in America , the home of the free and the brave .
The American FDA has come up with as they see it the most brilliant idea in the midst of Americans most crucial economic times .

Take our chicken export it to China they process it cook it and then we import it back into the USA in the form of Chicken nuggets and patties as well as food products in our soups and other assorted products .

Simple Food math Chart

Math was per-say never my best class in school but lets see if I can put this into an equation .




Chicken processors are paid USDA Quality of Inspection

[ 11 Dollars an hours ] + [ USDA Inspectors on site ] + [ USDA very good ] +


American Food Born Illnesses

[ Very Low ]



Chinese Processors are paid USDA Quality of Inspection

[ 2 Dollars an hour ] – [ USDA inspector not on site ] – [ Very poor ] –



Chinese Food Born Illnesses

[ Very High ]



As you can see with my little play chart here the pluses should out way the negatives no matter what the figurative Dollar speaks as well there are many factors I did not include here such as loss of American jobs , not knowing what the food product actually is on import .
Here is a website to give you a better picture of whats going on straight out of the archives of foodsafetynews the FDA trade off Chicken for beef  .


The Food Scuttlebutt


There was some scuttlebutt about well if we do this for the Chinese hey they will buy our beef .
But at what cost to Americans health , in these generational periods we are going threw its like chicken is everyone’s middle name .
The reason is because of its health benefits in this food group and when your sick have some chicken broth when your friend is sick bring them chicken soup when you go out with your friends and relatives note how many people order chicken whether it be fast food or a comfy sit down restaurant and in homes how many times dose chicken as a food product end up on the table .
My self I love my red meats but because I feast at bbq and friends and families houses Chicken as a main food course crosses into my dietary needs as well I do the whole chicken soup thing wen I don’t feel well that and a tomato soup recipe that my Grandmother taught me .
The way I heard about this FDA food trade off is kinda odd the reason being I typically do not watch much T.V. and when I do I don’t watch the show I seen it on .
The show is called the Doctor OZ show and as I was researching I did come across his web page concerning the matter on the  ( this link no longer exists ) reason unknown .

Food Chicken USDA Update

Whether the redacts it statement or no longer finds an aliment with DR OZ i find it not to be important .
Although the subject has reared its head again straight out of the archives of ecowatch i give you CHINA CHICKEN DEAL .
Also straight out of the archives of Forbes i give you PROCESSING AMERICAN CHICKEN IN CHINA .
And to top it off i felt it only fare to include the FISI USDA SIDE , straight out of the archives of FISI.USDA i give you FAQ CHINA CHICKEN .


The food Conclusion


So in view of all these facts do you think its worth the health risk and the loss of jobs in America being unable to tell what the food product actually is ?
Is it worth the health risk and loss of jobs just to export our beef and if so whose really behind this push and stands to benefit ?
Is it a fat cat in Washington owning a group stock investment in and or beef and chicken food industries ?
Who knows I could sit here all day throwing out words of ponder- meant .
So the questions at hand once again is this the time to take a stance and sign all affiliated petition’s and maybe contact the congress man or woman or is it the time to stand Idle by and say it will be okay and buy stock in chicken and beef hoping to make a penny off the food dilemma ?
It is your call if you support the FDA in there food trade off initiative , anyway have a nice chicken surfing day .


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