Fingerprint Security

The gig Is Up


Fingerprint security has Ben around for a for quit sometime but had just arrived recently for the mainstream user .
It seems to me that these security flaws were already well known before the mainstream distribution giving the majority a false sense of being secure .

The Concern

Well if you thought this newest type of fingerprint security was to keep you safe from a said intruder think again .
All that is needed to break such security is Biometric software and any simple camera or a picture of your hand tips ( fingertips ) .
Any thing you touch that that has a semi shiny surface a simple camera can obtain the prints .

So what is Biometric Software

Biometric Software is basically the software that runs all the fingerprint , retina and facile recognition programs whether it is on a device you own or a company you work for .
So just to give you a better picture straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Biometric Software .

Biometric Software

How hard is it to obtain Biometric Software ?
Not that hard at all , with a quick minor search a number of sites were offering free downloads of Biometric Software .
For example straight out of the archives of softnic I give you the free download of Biometric Software although keep in mind I am making no representation of what this software can or cannot do .

Who Discovered the Security Flaw

Well it was none other than the ccc , the chaos computer club .
The Ginny pig none other than the German Minister of Defense .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of ccc I give you the Biometrics security flaw .

In Conclusion

So it looks like this security feature needs an update .
Depending on the type you have or use , maybe a added fist bump or a raised eyebrow added with a three digit number code or a traditional high five something that would bring the combination back into the game or maybe just a combination of them all .
Who knows , have fun surfing the Biometric wave peace I am out .


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