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Facebook Organic To Payed Advertising

During any advertising campaign knowledge is key whether your selling that pretty dress or a particular hair style or promoting a news feed . Sure enough Facebook in it self have plenty of help information pages to help us along but in the view of all things bringing some of the clearer pictures do not always come from Facebook .



Facebook tips

Finding Tips for advertising is key after all knowledge is power even on Facebook




In trying to discover if there is a way to gain that edge on advertising I chose to see what the latest update for Facebook was and thought it would be most prudent to share it from Facebook . Sure enough the update they were showing was there merger with Instagram although being quit aware that most social media groups are linkable these days . Also realizing in the midst of there merger update Facebook in there selves are an advertising company trying to make that dollar so the organic advertising segment was not mentioned for the instagram side .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of Facebook Business News I give you the FACEBOOK LATEST UPDATE to advertising .

Finding what everyone likes on Facebook

Facebook interaction

Interacting on facebook is good but first you need to jump through the algorithm hoop .

Well this appears to be a good place to start depending on what your trying to advertise and whether or not you wish to rap a plain around Facebook . In this media world though it dose not always work that way as we more and more become socially interwoven in our media world . But none the less it always pays to be knowledgeable not just in this media group but in all media groups . Then we can try to find an infinite balance of the ongoing teetering in marketing of our products and websites . After we discover this information we must digest the information and then in some essence come up with our own type of algorithmic plan of action . The next two websites I am about to share contain valuable Information and should not be taken lightly whether you are a novice or beginner there is something for everyone to learn . Straight out of the archives of the verge I give you INTEREST RANKED PREFERRED AUDIENCE SIZE . Owe did I mention algorithm earlier so just what the heck is an algorithm ? So for all the new people or a novices who wishes to brush there nerd part up I give you the definition . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of the algorithm .
And here is a nice simplistic video of how Algorithms work .




Algorithm and Facebook


Facebook Algorithm

Understanding Facebooks Algorithms is very important .

That is right even Facebook has an algorithm they use as well as all social media groups do but up until most recent years much has been kept in the realms of mystic not brought fourth to the new business .
So you maybe asking why should I care about algorithms ? Well if you have not figured it out yet this is the beast that propels most if not all of marketing strategies from one extent to another . Wen you landed your dream baby of selling your product believe it or not you used an algorithm it was all the plans and steps you took to get were you are today . For a further breakdown of why algorithms should be important to you please see the following link . Straight out of the archives of khanacademy I give you what are ALGORITHMS AND WHY SHOULD I CARE . So obviously this article is about gaining knowledge into the Facebook algorithm in order to hopefully achieve our goals in our marketing ventures . Thinking this knowledge would bring an uplift in profitable ventures and there is one thing for sure numbers do not lie . In my systematic renderings I look at all types of algorithms from youtube to the grephaxs word-press in these algorithms I can see how the website is performing to whom pushes traffic to my site . Obviously me my self being within the algorithm struggle and as curious as I am wondered how is the Facebook that shares my articles or sometimes hampers and dose not share them how dose this really happen ? Well that is just what slate.com set out to see so without further delay straight out of the archives of slate I give you HOW FACEBOOKS NEWS FEED ALGORITHM WORKS . So as you can see at the end of the day at least for the FACEBOOK ALGORITHM the company move to tweak the algorithm is left on human notation and are CRITICAL to the survival to Facebook as a company .

In Conclusion

Sure enough there has been companies working in the marketing and advertising industry for years and for the most part some of those industries they have taken some loses . The reason for some of the loses are do to the upbringing of the Internet this is not a totally bad thing but there is somethings you should keep in mind . Wen your on GOOGLE , FACEBOOK or any other social media group and for that matter even just the INTERNET if you look to your left and then to your right theres at least one of your friends that have created a business or website . I am calling this the ALGORITHM OF THE PEOPLE instead of turning to the people who rake in multi to a trillion a year see what your friends are doing first support family and friends first . Support the little local bands and products and websites wen you do this it gives them the fish to feed there families . The more high end marketers gain traction on a low end they may eventually sink the little guys . Hopefully this article helps someone in the advancement of there profitable dreams . As it sets right now I know a lot of small independents who struggle threw the vortex of ( The Facebook Algorithm ) as well as there own vortex of life from photographers to musicians even down to the Algorithmic programmers . So this I say join this fictitious name I have created the ALGORITHM OF THE PEOPLE here is how you join it simple and FREE . Just set your eyes on supporting family business then look to your friends business but do not stop there think about enlightenment . For years we have turned to the biggest news sects and they have for years been there for us but even in the news or article business are booming just like this article I am writing know it takes time ( n time = money ) . I think the algorithm of the people is very strong and hopefully we can strengthen the algorithm further by passing this simple idea along to our friends and family members as well as everyone we know . By telling you this I am not just trying to get you to share this article because there no requirements in joining this BUT if you do share this as part of passing the word than may I say thank ( YOU ).
Have a nice day riding the wave of the FACEBOOK ALGORITHM I am out .

Grephaxs Update

As of 2015 http://grephaxs.com has developed a youtube channel here are a couple of the links or you can go to link of this site and click our youtube button .


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