F8 Facebook Conference

F8 who is it For

F8 begins with a fond title stating F8 for developers and this is quit understandable being they are focusing on a revenue base . Although many just sit back to see owe here is another update wen they are notified by Facebook or reading interesting article it make sense to me to stay ahead of the game and see what went on .

F8 for developers and people first

Who should the F8 conference be for ?
Facebook describes it for developers and wikipedia adds Entrepreneurs but dare i say it should be for everyone .


Wikipedia puts a further statement about the F8 conferences saying they are for developers and Entrepreneurs . This in it self is quit amazing being on almost a daily basis a new developer starts to develop and or sell product as well a new Entrepreneur is born . So maybe your a history buff or you never heard of such a conference but you have decided to leap into the world with your Idea or product . In order to start to get your feet wet within this topic straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of the F8 FACEBOOK CONFERENCE .

What happened at the F8 Conference

F8 facebook messenger AI

Messenger for facebook will get a face lift with the use of training your own AI Bot .

Well these discussions have been written about by other writers and to be totally honest there is a lot of ground to cover . What is more pertinent to one may not be to another this is were homework comes into play , searching for specifics or reviewing all information . Specifics are very important obviously this is what would give your product or Idea the momentum it may need to succeed but eventually to be quit honest it is better to understand the whole as they are calling it ( Facebook Eco System ) . For the time been just to get you started I have gathered some information in order to get your taste buds salivating . The first update is the new save to Facebook for later reading button from any website oddly enough this seems like it could be an interesting feature for some . Noting this feature is also used by other companies but sure to heighten traffic and time spent on Facebook . Without further delay straight out of the archives of venturebeat I give you SAVE BUTTON TO ANY WEBSITE . Then there is the AI end ( Artificial Intelligence ) run by ( Bots ) supposedly you will have the capabilities to train your own AI to say what you want . Straight out of the archive of venturebeat I give you YOUR CHATBOTS .
Also I found this nice two minute video provided by mashable please sit back and enjoy .



In Conclusion

Will these updates bring profound success for your product or the pursuant to Entrepreneurship ?
Although they are sure to make somethings easier and give the agility to get the word out work and patients as well as homework are paramount to make things happen . I encourage you to take notice of the entire conference keeping in mind security and what is proven to be a good adjustment for you and yes I said ( YOU ) for you the reader is the important one here . Keeping in mind the Internet is a big place do not seclude yourself and product to Facebook spread your wings create build . There are companies who tend to lasso people giving them the Idea this place is your net bringing a blunt relationship of a one sided view . Keep your ears open with any new updates comes grinding down the edges to allow smoothness .

Have a great day riding the wave of the F8 FACEBOOK CONFERENCE I am out .

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