Excessive or Not



The ACLU an origination to be reckoned with , in saying this I mean they are a very big organization and for years have stood for Americans in many of turmoils and triumphs threw history .


Militarization Of Police

As our troops head home from our foreign conflicts president Obama has decided to give all outdated or unusable armaments to our local law enforcement agencies according to ACLU most recent complaints . So you would think great that means all of our swat teams will be well prepared to handle any and all top notch criminals . The items given rang from armored plated vehicles to machine guns , silencers to grenade launchers . But according to the report from the ACLU the police are using these armaments in small simple search and seizer of drugs .



Is This Excessive Power

To me it sounds like it might be , I have heard some politicians that are considering running for president saying that there is a revolution coming although not knowing what they actually meant by the statement . So it is up to you the reader to decide whether it is excessive power and where is America heading with these types of forcible behaviors .

So from the archives of beforeitsnews I give you .





In Conclusion

Maybe in some areas there is a need for such harsh activities I am not sure but what I am sure of , these such activities should be highly regulated and reviewed lest America it self falls into a military state of control-ism .

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