Environmental Cleanup


Lets get Off The Fossil Block

Imagine we spend so much time polluting our air water and land wen it is all not necessary .
We have the means two clean our act up as well as our environment but it takes a joint operation .
There are so many ways to create clean and efficient electricity and or power .
So check out this first video to start getting your feet wet .









It Is The Peoples Grid

Sure enough the electric companies own the wires and the plants as well the oil and gas companies own there products until we purchase them but it dose not have to be that way .
Check out this Ted talk video .





The Grid that Was Suppose To Be

Are these all truths that the bankers and politicians don’t want us to know or think about .
And if so why ?
This is the final video I will share on the subject although make sure you have your scuba gear on with all tanks filled to the max cause it is fixing to get deep .
I know most of have probably heard of Tesla Motors well this video is about Tesla from the old days enjoy .














In Conclusion

As I have said in the past and I will say again the oil and gas companies have there own congress and within this congress they finance fracking and run fund raiser and marketing projects for new idea in fossil fuels .
The only way to combat such a movement is with a similar one , all organizations of the clean air acts need to join hands globally and fund raise and market and lobby to our governments together .
If they need to see a profit margin lets give them one threw marketing techniques and the sale of products along with a strong lobby techniques .
Lets not allow oil , gas and fracking companies to continue in there empire of destruction .
Peace have a great clean air and drinking water century I am out .


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