Environment Secrets Now Revealed

The environment as it was Known

Once a very lush beautiful landscape as far as the eye could see , trees bloomed the grass was green and the season change was immensely gorgeous . Although there are still a lot of beautiful places to see most often than not while hiking or traveling by air or possibly droning to these most beautiful places disappointment could set in .

environment fracking problems

Environment before and after do to fracking

Expecting to see beautiful foliage and plenty of wildlife but than seeing none and a lot of dead or dying foliage . The governments answer to this is containment threw wildlife preserves and environmental protected areas but even in these areas if you look close enough you can see the overflow of the impact .

Biggest impact to the environment Today

environment effects of fracking

Fracking effects the environment just from the amount of trucks they must use

The biggest impact to the environment today is fracking and the reason I say this it dose not only effect the foliage and grass but it also affects our living environment . Fracking effects the air we breath , the soil we grow our crops in and the water we and our livestock drink . Once again the government used a containment factor to try to control the environmental impact by constructing laws and to which these laws have Ben enforced .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of linkeden I give you the FRACKING ENFORCEMENT . Although I do agree these enforcements are well needed I could not help thinking this article from linkeden was trying to offer much more and then after reading it several or more times it slapped me in the face . The type of spill notably “ Brine Spill “ and why were they using such a solution .

Brine and the effects on the Environment

Fracking effects the environment

Environment is affected even tho there are laws against illegal dumping

Well the first question is what the heck is a brine solution ? Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of a BRINE SOLUTION . Although as you can see this solution can be found naturally and we use this in many other products the Brine spills noted from linkeden and I quote was 10 time saltier than the ocean . How dose the Brine solution effect the environment as well as us ?
A brine solution effects membrane and equilibrium within all cell structures by causing a Osmosis effect . An Osmosis effect controls the cells ability to receive or repel water . In order to give you more clarity on this I give you the definition of OSMOSIS . The Osmoses effect would case plant life to repeal water thus shriveling and dieing away as well as killing populated fish in any given contaminated area . I then asked myself why would they use such a high concentrated solution for injection amongst there drill bits ? To my surprise I came up with two good reasons at least for them .
The first good reason was added pressure . In the occurrence of Osmosis pressure rates increase as was found in the research for renewable energy . The second Osmosis is renewable energy in which could be used to power the drill bit and other functions of any given fracking plant or other oil structure . To prove this point straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you OSMOTIC POWER .

The environment effects on the Population

There many things that come from fracking that effect our population as a whole and I am sure some are long term and will not be noticed for years . There are some that are most up front and happening now as I write this . To prove this point we must consider this video of a hunger strike and a girl from New York State that developed nose bleeds .



A scientific team from the environmental health project determined her nose bleeds were caused by formaldehyde in the air . This is just a watered down and polite way of saying you have methane poisoning do to over exposure. To prove this point I asked just what is formaldehyde ? Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of FORMALDEHYDE . Than the question arises what is the difference if any between methane and methanol ? Straight out of the archives of yahoo I bring you the answer to the difference of METHANE and METHANOL .

In Conclusion

A lot of people say that with the advancements of fracking has saved the economy but at what price .
At the cost of our family friends and marine life as well as crops and vegetation . We must stop asking are selves foolish questions like what caused all those fish to die or why is the bare population moving towards the human populous ? These answers are quit clear but soon the other questions that remain hidden or watered down like the girl from New York State with the nose bleed will be well known .
Hopefully it wont be to late or to severe there is no lawsuit that could compensate for the lose of a life .
Peace have a great day riding the FRACKING wave I am out .

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