EMP War How Close Are We Really

EMP war once considered only possible with a Nuclear Warhead

Electric Magnetic Pulse once only considered possible to be delivered in a nuclear warhead has now entered low grade weapons . Although many politicians still to this day squawk much about nuclear devastation just to get there point across well knowing that EMP armaments is the real threat of the century . I could go on to explain the devastation and effects EMP can and will cause but that has already been done multiple times . Electric Magnetic Devices can be hand held or delivered threw bombing from missiles or put in place and triggered from afar . So exactly whom has the EMP Technology well that is a good question ?

EMP War and what we know

There is quit a lot of well spread knowledge about EMP war effects

Here is a quick list that I know of off the top of my head .
1 ) America
2 ) china
3 ) Russia
But do not let this small list fool you the information of EMP Technology is well known and the pluses of such an attack way out ways a nuclear strike . A nuclear strike destroys and makes land inhabitable ware a Electric Magnetic Pulse shuts down and fries all electrical components . As some have put it and I quote ( An EMP would plunge America into the dark ages for years ) . No phones or INTERNET no gas and clean drinking water would be hard to find being our town an city pumping capabilities would be gone .

What do we know about EMP war and Technology

So what do we really know about Electric Magnetic Pules ? Well quit a bit actually but in order to get your feet wet please see the following article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Electric Magnetic Pulse . With the uplifting of many hostilities around the world Electric Magnetic Pulse raised a lot of eyebrows as a possible deterrent to hostile activities domestic or foreign . To get this point across please enjoy the following video Electric Magnetic Pulse Technology created by NATO .


As you may have noticed from the video the thoughts of utilizing this Technology for civic unrest has been introduced . As always with any advancement of Technology the notorious people are not very far behind . Electric Magnetic Induction to me is kind of a new term but has been around for some time and what is used in some war heads and lasers today . So just what is Electric Magnetic Induction ?
In order to understand this please see the following article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Electric Magnetic Induction .
EMF is what is being used in the American Navy new rail gun . The rail gun uses two parts of the EMP factor one for its launch and one for the delivery package through EMF two which knocks out all electrical devices on impact . Please enjoy the following video on the United States Navy new rail Gun .



China has also introduced similar weapons Technology please enjoy this next video on Chinas new weapon using lasers with EMP Technology .



Is America prepared for a EMP war Attack

EMP war grid has no protection

Although we no the threat no changes have been made to protect the electrical grid against an EMP war strike .

I am sorry to say we are not all of the infrastructure that keeps the grid up and running can not be easily replaced it would take months or even years . And one of the main reasons for this is that none of the items made to replace or repair the infrastructure are made in the United States . It is no longer a question of if it will happen but wen it will happen and will you be prepared ? In order to help us discover this question please enjoy the following video .



Things not talked about in this article :
1 ) Companies and or Websites Study device power ( could this relate to EMF , EMP kill switch for devices ) .
2 ) UN declares it to be a war crime to destroy humanitarian facilitations ( meaning drinking wells and pumps and most likely food storage and the growth there of )
3 ) Natural EMP and there affects and probability .

In Conclusion

So it is only a matter of time and one of the reason I say this is as the EMP Technology increases they will soon have the capabilities to deliver this threw a software package . Frying devices and or networks hardware and servers . How could this be possible you ask ? Well this will be set aside for a whole other article but think how apple manipulates the battery function for example but not limited to ( Power saving mode ) . This is a prime example for those who have owned an I Phone for awhile . But the real question is are you prepared Whatever the delivery system is ?
Have nice day riding the wave of EMP WAR I am out .

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