EMP Hacks And Natural Effects

EMP natural Effects

The natural effects of EMP are real and can cause a certain amount of disruption within our electrical grid system as we know it . That is right the lights could go out no cell phone , computers or T.V. . Just the mere thought of this brings many people into a state of panic .

emp grid

Any kind of EMP strike solar or man made can leave us in the dark no heat no ac

Without our electrical grid working not only dose the worlds Technological infrastructure come to halt we are also unable to contain and control our nuclear facilities . The first thing you may be thinking well this is natural it has Ben happening for years and I have not seen or heard of the effects of this yet . So I posed the question , has EMP ever effected a electrical grid before and to my surprise the answer was yes .

Natural EMP and how it is suppose to Happen

sun storm

sun storms put off EMP is time for you to check your survival gear

When the sun has a storm it puts fourth particles heading towards the earth . Once the storm impacts the Earth the storm particles are sucked into the north and south poles at the polar vortex . If you are not familiar with the polar vortex please see this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of the POLAR VORTEX . Wen these are sucked into the polar vortex they create the Aurora seen at the north and south pole . If your not familiar with the term Aurora please see this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of AURORA .

Natural EMP did it happen and Why


The EMP comes in the form of the Aurora

Yes a natural EMP event happened in 1989 in Quebec Canada causing major outages threw out there electrical grid . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the natural EMP that STRUCK QUEBEC CANADA . It is quit notable in the wikipedia article we have the means to protect our selves from such a natural EMP event but apparently ether we have not or have not done enough . There is a couple of factors that come into play that will most likely to cause the natural EMP to occur more frequent and in more populated areas . The first is CERN , that is right the CERN using the LHC ( Large Hadron Collider ) and ( Accelerator ) at there complex . Apparently the Accelerator uses magnets and moves at such a speed that weakens earths magnetic field allowing more natural EMP to come through and within places it dose not belong . To prove this point watch this nice video straight out of the archives of BP earth watch .

The other thing that is happening is the north pole and south pole are moving I have known this for years and considered it a way the earth cleanses itself . Check this nice video out about the pole change straight out of the archives of suspect sky .

What got me thinking EMP and the Hack

EMP Tank

This is a Russian EMP tank

Believe it or not it was from infowars after watching his video of the EMP threat . So enjoy this nice video straight out of archives of INFOWARS .

What surprised me is Joe steered away from the terrorist factor although slightly mentioning it . Or the possible oppression of our own Government using the ultimate kill switch . Think this impossible think again they already have EMP guns . To prove this point see this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the EMP WEAPON . This could devastate a community no calls in or out all vehicles down the ultimate kill switch and it could be blamed on a solar storm .

In Conclusion

So just as Joe Biden says EMP blackout is not if but wen and how ? We would hope it would not be threw oppression or war but how ever it happens we need to be prepared . Building our survival kits and keeping our ears well to the ground so we know whats happening and are not blind sided by extreme events .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of EMP how ever it happens .

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