Edward Snowden and Russia


Edward Snowden

Well I don’t know if you have Ben reading my previous articles but the word is out President Vladimir Putin of Russia sure kicked it up a notch giving Edward Snowden a three year Extension on his asylum in Russia .
This gives him more move-ability through the country and allowance to go abroad for up to three months although I am pretty sure his activities will be hampered do to the factual evidence that different governments and there officials have him on there hit list as stated in a Ted talks video .



The Silents Of It All

It is so strange I seen this information about Edward Snowdens new asylum of three years on the international news Chanel done by none other RT but after searching RT. Google + Paige and surfing the net I could find nothing .
Has there Ben gaging going on by big brother or could it have to do with Russia tempting our airspace as we do theres ?






In Conclusion

And if this is the case and we are this close to the brink of war I say grow up and air it out .
If there are bigger things that Snowden can say he should say them now .
Things are starting to get way out of hand and war dose not solve anything .
God bless everyone lets hope its not to late peace I am way way gone .


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