Easy way to increase web traffic

The easiest way to Increase web traffic for free.

Below I highlight the 6 effective steps to Increase web traffic for free. I guarantee by implementing the below items your site will see an increase in views, visitors, add revenue and traffic.

Attractive Titles

One of the best ways to increase web traffic immediately  is to create attractive titles. This will ensure large influxes of individuals will visit your site and potentially re-share your site on social media. Catchy titles can pull users in and ensure you get those clicks. Keep in mind: without supporting content, they may leave quickly.


Content, Content, Content

Content is the far most fundamental key to increasing web traffic. Even with social media shares, If your content isn’t good, no one will read it. A captivating heading can bring people to your site, but if the content is not on point they will leave. It is important to captivate your audience with attractive headings and to back it up with captivating content. You can also ask your readers for content. Figure out what they would like to read about and post relevant content.



When a user visits a website, the first thing that should pop out to a reader are the headlines. It is crucial your site uses good headline structure to capture your audience’s attention and quickly guide them from section to section. A headline can determine the course of social media shares. A well structured headline will ensure an increase web traffic to your site when shared on social media.



Building back-links is essential for an increase web traffic. It validates your website on Google and increases the likelihood you will show higher in the search rankings. It also allows your audience to access your site through other sites. This increases your potential for growth. In addition to external links, your site can build links internally. Every time you write a new blog post consider previous postings. Do any of the previous posts line up with what you are currently writing about? If so, link them in your current blog.



In this day and age it is increasingly necessary that you are involved in social media. Furthermore I recommend for every blog you own to have a corresponding Facebook/twitter page. Build followers on these pages. I also recommend building in a “Facebook/Twitter” share button on every page. This will ensure the likely hood of your blog being shared on social media.



Give away Items for social media likes / shares. This will ensure your page gets around the internet and many people will see your site. This is probably the easiest item with the largest return. Start small, Give away something that applies to your site but has a reasonable price point +-50$. This will ensure the users will share the page with their friends and increase views to your site.

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