Drones For Any Emergency

While Waiting For Help

While in a remote area someone has become injured .
Maybe your hiking or scaling mountains in the Alps and someone breaks there leg or has a puncture wound so you call for help and your thinking OMG it will be hours before anyone can get here .


The Drones On The Way

You are then told an Emergency drone has Ben dispatched to your area , thats right folks a University in Holland called Delft University Of Technology has created an Emergency Drone .
Alec Momont was the creator and this baby comes equipped with visual and audio performance so the doctors or EMT can aid you in saving the injured person .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the Emergency Drone .

In Conclusion

I can really see how these type of drones could help being the fly time arrival would be much faster than most other Emergency response times .
Peace have a great day I am out .

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