Drones And The FAA


Drones they can be a lot of fun but we are not talking about just a little fun .
Were talking about drones and the possibility of ( FAA ) regulation .
But before seeing what the ( FAA ) might be trying to do within there regulatory mission
we should define what a drone actually is .
And as I well know wen everyone ( or at least most ) heres the word drone they think war , espionage and riot control but there is a totally different spectrum .

The Definitions of Drones

In my search term to Google for the definition of drones , it rendered not one wikipedia site which struck me odd .
But what I did run into was the new definition of drones put together by KPBS News .
In December of 2012 the chief editor of weired quit his job in order to redefine the concept of drones and bring them from a hostile perspective to a common household convenience sold from possibly Walmart .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of KPBS I give you the new definition of drones .

Deeper Drone ( Definition )

Although there ( New Definition ) was great and I understood were there coming from I thought to myself there must be a clearer definitive value .
So I turned my search directly to wikipedia only two find out there using a new search engine but so as not to get off topic I wont discus that at this time .
But just let me say the reason for this definitive search is within my own mind I am thinking ( any none maned aircraft controlled by a remote is a drone ) .
So with this thought in mind it would encompass a lot of things but not limited to the remote airplane you just bought for Johny , in order to have some son and dad time or that Quad copter you bought for sally sue with a camera to do her bird watching and other interesting things for her blog .
So my search on ( drones ) brought me two a Paige called Unmanned areal vehicles which it states ( UAV ) is commonly known as drones .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Unmanned Ariel vehicles .

FAA Proposed Regulation

According to endgadget the new proposed FAA regulation would require a pilots license for any drone 55 pounds or less .
Of course they are including other stringent regulations as well but this in it self raised both my eyebrows and dropped my jaw knowing I have seen some of my own relatives having the grandest time with the most simplistic of drones although under the 55 pound ratio .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I give you the new proposed FAA regulation for drones .

In conclusion

This sounds like a money maker for some but a dream crusher for many .
I mean think of it , Anything under 55 pounds is a pretty broad spectrum from the kids having fun to the inbound hobbyist .
Have a great day surfing the drone wave peace I am out .


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