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Secrets you need to know before going to DEFCON



DEFCON 2016 soon approaches and is scheduled for August . If your not familiar with DEFCON it is a Hackers convention for all colored hats but before you get all excited and think your off to save the world ( think Again ) . After all think about it ( Edward Snowden ) did not seek asylum in Russia for nothing and the same goes for the head of ( WIKI Leaks ) hopefully I got that right . Do not get me wrong there are a lot of good things that come out of DEFCON but none the less do not be foolish .

Defcon hackers convention

Ask yourself in this day and age of eavesdroppers who wont be listening at Defcon this year .

One thing to keep in mind is that every business product vendor and or developer have there own hacker capabilities whether from a security perspective or not . Remember we are in 2016 moving towards 2017 ware everything is heard whether your on the NET or not there appears to be a no longer off the GRID moment . Say Hank is in grid 4 sector 5 square section 10 of the floor ( order input ) silence all other squares .

Secrets and good things of DEFCON

Defcon 2016 August

Sure enough there are some good things to come out of Defcon .

Sure enough during this secretive hacking time there can be some good things that come out of DEFCON . You could make your first 5 million by accomplishing one of DARPAS challenges or if you represent a notable hack you could gain recognition and gain a black membership card . This black membership card is rumored to give the holder free entrance for life to all DEFCON gatherings . From a perspective of learning and understanding security and hacking and how it all comes together as well as a nostalgic view historical or other wise it dose seem the place to be . One the most interesting things I have heard of thus far for DEFCON 2016 is mouse and keyboard vulnerability . Please see the following article for more information straight out of the archives of WIERD I give you RADIO HACK STEALS KEYSTROKES .

Secrets and history of DEFCON go hand in Hand

Defcon 2016 starts in August

While hacking @ Defcon what square will you be on and whom will be listening ?

History is no lier and tells the tail of many stories remembering one of the oldest saying ( only if these walls could talk ) . DEFCON has had there struggles and there clashes one year the FEDS said they were going to revoke certain visas to stop some from going . But that is not the only struggle one year an ABC reporter was chased and heckled out of a building at DEFCON for trying to secretly record hackers . WIERD reported surveillance techniques being used in the center of one building . AS well there had been some arrests made at DEFCON directly after representing pacific hacks I am not sure of all the ins and outs of these arrest or if DEFCON rules were followed . For further information on this please see the following article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you DEFCON .

In Conclusion

I am not saying DEFCON is not the place to be but what I am saying is before introducing anything know the risk . You may have it in your mind your going to save the world or gain that black rep it just wont do you a bit of good behind bars . Talk to people and proven members of DEFCON on the legitimate ways to bring information forward This may sound like an oxymoron thing to do but it can be done without revealing your info .
Have a nice day riding the wave of DEFCON SECRETS PAST AND PRESENT I am out

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