Deep cleaning HP Tower With A Five Year Old

Deep cleaning Disassembly

As you may have noticed by the main title of this article we are having a five year old join us to do this deep cleaning of the HP Tower .

Deep Cleaning disassemble

As you will see in the video he showed such an interest the five year old did most of the work during this part of the deep cleaning


There are a couple of unique reasons for this for example but not limited to .
1 ) He is being home schooled and needed a system for such purposes .
2 ) He showed an interest in learning how to do this .
3 ) His IQ behavioral performance was at an acceptable level .
These are some of the things that should be considered in order to keep everything on a joyful experience for both you and the youth concerned . The stats on the front of the HP PC tower may very because through out the years it has been upgraded although purchased in 2005 . One of the most important thing before having any child help you with any task is safety and of course answering questions there is never a wrong question they all deserve to be answered . Never leave a child unattended during any project give them the parental observation they deserve . The tools needed for this disassembly are Phillips head screwdrivers we had to use two different sizes . Keep in mind to use the right size so as not to strip any of the screw heads . You will notice how eager he his to learn and this fact shows as he pretty much took apart everything himself . Without further delay please enjoy this Grephaxs Original straight out of our archives I give you DEEP CLEANING THE HP TOWER WITH A FIVE YEAR OLD .



Deep cleaning blow Down

Dust Off is the can we used for this deep cleaning

We used a can of Dust off in this deep cleaning and you can see the five year old stuck right with us eager to learn more

Now sense we have finished the teardown it is time to move on to the dusting of the HP Tower and our guest star five year old was enjoying himself and stuck right with us eager to learn more . Keep in mind as I stated earlier it is always important to talk about safety especially wen dealing with youngsters .
The tools needed for this procedure were one can of dust off which can be purchased at any computer store . Any can of dust off or compressed air comes with a bit of caution . While using the can if you tilt it there is a chance you can get a minor bit of moisture and this is something you do not want on computer parts . Please enjoy this next video another Grephaxs Original straight out of our archives I give you the BLOW DOWN OF THE HP TOWER .



Deep cleaning Reassembly of HP Tower

After deep cleaning we used a thermal paste made by Arctic Silver

After the deep cleaning we used a thermal paste made by Arctic Silver

Well now that we have cleaned just about everything up it is almost time to reassemble the HP Tower although our guest star five year olds attention span had run out and he went to play . This is not a bad thing but is great timing because putting the system back together calls for a bit of precision . The last thing to clean is the processor and the heat sync that sits atop of the processor the film you see on both of these items is called Thermal paste . A little bit of elbow grease and patients is needed wen cleaning the thermal paste off so take your time while doing this procedure and make sure you remove it all .
Tools needed for this procedure are a alcohol base at a good percentage value and a tube of thermal paste to replace the old thermal paste . We chose to use a thermal paste made by Arctic silver it is a Tri-linear Ceramic Thermal compound that can be bought at any computer store . Please enjoy another Grephaxs Original video the REASSEMBLY OF THE HP TOWER .




In Conclusion

These Grephaxs Originals are a bit lengthy but keep in mind they were made impart for educational purposes . One showing how inquisitive to learn our younger generation is and two to show the common person they are not to old to learn new tricks if a five year old can do it so can you . Deep cleaning is a necessity for keeping your system in the realms of energy efficient and cool running and even though your software may report good temp if it is dirty it consumes more energy .
I am running Ubuntu 15.04 and feel it is worth mentioning the editing tool I used to make these videos is kdenlive . Kdenlive works great with Ubuntu and youtube if you would like to learn more about kdenlive please visit our youtube channel for tips and tricks using kdenlive . Speaking of the grephaxs youtube channel we have started making videos on a regular bases our channel will grow with time as we grind down the rough edges . I would like to take this moment to extend an invitation to our world viewers to come join and subscribe to our youtube channel and help support us and are growth . We will be striving to keep the channel clean so as to welcome all ethnic groups as well as youngsters .
Allowing the capable growth for youngsters and ethnic groups around the world . To visit our youtube channel and subscribe either click on one of our videos our go to the top of our web-page and click the youtube button .
Have a nice day riding the wave of DEEP CLEANING YOUR SYSTEM

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