Cyber Attack With Hacking Or Hunting In Mind

Cyber attack DDOS

Cyber ddos attack or hunting

Cyber ddos attacks are nothing new and will happen again .

Well I am sure everyone has heard about the biggest cyber attack that has happened either by being denied access to the NET or some service there in .
As the supposed attack swung threw the east coast bounced up to the west coast round a bouts Cali and then run a muck to the northern states .
You might start to think CYBER was running in the presidential race and that was the campaign ( HUMOR ) .
By no means am I saying it is over for as I last heard as I right this the attacks are still ongoing and are quit common although not to this extent .

So what is a cyber attack well I could sit here an malinger within my explanation but instead I feel it is best for wikipedia to handle this so straight out of there archives I give you CYBER ATTACK .
So now that you see we are in the midst of hacking terms lets move right along , straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give what is a DDOS ATTACK .
As you can see they run hand in hand in the midst of hacking and have had quit a history together .

Cyber Hacking

cyber hacking or hunting ethically

Ethical cyber hacking can be used to do some hunting while looking for DATA linked beyond the normal realm .

There is one thing that is for sure there was a cyber attack and the finger pointing started as soon as the first bot tossed the first peace of malware wait hold on a second is this part of ONLINE SECURITY to which I just wrote an article on ? why yes it is .
One can only imagine that they will immediately say it was Russia but in pondering this point we must remember they are still pretty mad about Edward Snowden .
So just what is known about the said attack straight out of the archives of wired I give you WHAT IS KNOWN .
Wen will the attack end well this is unknown but you can bet your bottom dollar the tracing of IPS to find an end point has begun whether it was a cyber attack or hunting .
Straight out of grephaxs archives I give you SECURITY HACKING NO MATTER TOGETHER .
So as you can see security and hacking go hand in hand bringing up the same answers even though the equation may be slightly different .
But we must remember the DDOS attacks have been around and happening for quit sometime but this one was huge and in so required some sophisticated software .
Think about it the DOS attacks lasted and pounded away to the point of intrusion and just as IT got close there was a redirect to a different area of the country .
Hmm let see whom has such software and from what just previously seen threw mainstream media which you can look up on your own one of the head NSA officials was arrested for having NSA such attack software amongst other files that dwarfed Snowdens .
And just to through it out there Snowden and the head official worked together .

Cyber Hunting

Cyber hunting or hacking

Cyber hunting is on both ends of the spectrum .
security and hacking .

Cyber hunting yup there is a great chance the American Government went a hunting but to be inconspicuous they pulled off the cyber attack .
But before we talk about this rumble that is in the jungle about this we should examine some facts about a few people once prominently vocal but now silent or oddly speaking and most likely compromised .
1 ) DR . Richard Stallman ( Well known running a prominent organization Free Software Foundation )
2 ) Edward Snowden ( Weird text released suggested code : most likely compromised in some fashion )
3 ) Anonymous ( compromised and impersonated those whom claim the name have been arrested in most cases ) .
4 ) Julian Assange ( Internet cut then back up post to twitter then cut attacks start )
There was an article I read that stated there were calls made to all head officials in his asylum area to put pressure to compromise his situation and as suggested by others this could be why the hunt started .
From what I understand there was not a legal leg to stand on and pressure from the American Government was not working .
The size of the attack would be accounted for by one fact Julian is not wikileaks but only the representative there are many members that remain hidden .
So the size of the attack would be to trace all communication between Julian Assage as well as those whom may have peaked at released documents .
In order to put this into perspective please enjoy the following video .



In Conclusion

Whether it was hacking or hunting in mind it appeared to be quit hampering to some .
The premises could be either way and each side I am sure will do plenty of finger pointing .
There are many other things to consider in the midst of all this brings a cringe and chill right up the spine of many free lance journalist just trying to cling to free speech and what is considered the truth .
The heightened sense for the need and push for spying and espionage tactics almost a forcible play for silents to protect ones country .
Letting truths being told in the history books centuries away rather than up in the forefront .
Yet the scariest month being October but is there more to come and shall the mainstream media keep hiding it .
Once the election is over we will see what mainstream cozies up to the president and becomes the favorite news group after all that is what there waiting on to get prime-time approval but hey that is a whole other article or one to also be played out in history .
Have a nice day riding the wave of CYBER ATTACK WITH HACKING OR HUNTING IN MIND I am out .

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