Controlling The Weather


Weather Update


weather updates are very important all across the nation and the world as a whole and for years people have tried to control the weather the ultimate life hack .
From the beginning of time or should I say the world God told us how to control the weather and the American Indians had there rain dance as well the Japanese even tried to use a storm ritual after pearl harbor as the USA retaliated .
And then as a child I remember watching westerns where there was a desert trodden area and they needed rain for crop growth so the hero would take his canon shoot it in the air to excite the molecules in the air with some special solution and he was given some big monetary amount .


Global Warming


I know your thinking owe here we go but hey I am not going to link to any of these sites because its a well known subject as a matter of fact I am not even going to tell you of my obscure theory on global warming / cooling I just want to point out there is big money to be maid which ever way you lean the question is who’s got the fat wallet wanting to cash in on all of this ?


Weather Control


Remember the arms race to which supposedly is over hold let get out of this corner I am laughing in .
Well I believe it all started I don’t know 5 – 10 years ago when the Russians were done with there cosmonaut station they were contemplating using it with a laser to melt ice burden areas for what ever good or bad reason .
And I also recall American scientist storming the white house because the global warming statistics were wrong and then threw hearings the manipulation of data records to prove there point and possibly fill there pockets .
Am I screaming conspiracy maybe but not rely I am just laying out the hard facts its more like were still in the race to be first of the inevitable .



Controlled / Uncontrolled


All high end experiments have them they usually start in a lab with goggles gloves led structures until findings come in and than controlled moves closer and closer to uncontrolled the factors that push it to the uncontrolled 1. money 2. usability 3. to be first .
For a quick reference you should take a look how the USA has done testing on nuclear weapons .
There is a lot of weird weather going on right now from large hail to extreme flooding and weirdly formed tornadoes to sightings of weird flying objects .


At Any cost


So lets not be deceived because at any cost to human lives in order to be first the USA , Japan , China , Russia just to name a few will do the uncontrolled experiment just like they did with LSD .
And now they have crated a laser to control the weather , at this point I will have a safe weather day and in reference checkout the following .
One more thing the grant from the USA department of defense $7.5 million dollars .
So without further delay straight out of the following archives cbsnews , and I give you controlling the weather at any cost .


Very Controlled Experiment


And here we find the very controlled experiment and other very interesting items check it .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of i give you the very controlled experiment .


In Conclusion

It is a shame to think our own government would put any citizen at risk in order to be the first or to prove a point .
But it dose seem to be an ongoing scenario in American history with someone walking around with a scale measuring kill a few two supposedly save the millions and then ducking when things go terribly wrong .
Peace i be way way gone .

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