Cloud Wars With Lightening Acquisitions

Cloud wars what is It

cloud war services

The cloud war is the struggle for businesses to contain your Data in the business and privet sector

Cloud wars what is it about ? First off do not run out side an look up I am not talking about that type of cloud . The cloud war I speak of has to do with your Data our your companies Data and within any business movement of a cloud acquisition this causes the rumbling and lighting strike sure to shake the business arena .


cloud war lightning

the cloud war brings lightning acquisitions sure to rumble the business ground

So where did this war start ? In order to answer this question first we must take a look at some history .
But first I will give you my run down of the war and where it all began , in retrospect I think the first cloud was formed with the first containment of Data on a device . This beginning cloud formation merged into an algorithm of lightening proportion branching and leafing off two but not limited to :

1 ) bigger hard drives ( In this algorithmic tree you find but not limited to )

Increase in Data storage , memory , portable devices and INTERNET connectivity .
2 ) Social Media groups ( Transforming the algorithm )
Moving from chatty to chatty storage I believe this caused the first lightning strike of this cloud war .
3 ) WI/FI and VM ware Technology ( The next algorithm restructure )
This was a huge lightening strike in the advancement of the cloud and some multi million dollar industries were forgotten and are pushed aside in the mention of this Algorithm .
They are as follows but not limited to :
A ) The Gaming industries ( The Gaming industries and others that will be mentioned used a lot of these functions before any type of cloud base was thought of )

C ) The Music Industries
But know the cloud has taken on yet another restructuring in the algorithmic like cloud storage and in order to bring new comers or to brush up the well in tune TECHY here is some history . Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of CLOUD STORAGE .
But wait that was not the only lightening strike that rumbled from and into and transforming yet another algorithmic change the development of cloud services came about . To bringing everyone up to date on this straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of CLOUD COMPUTING .

Ware is the cloud War

cloud computing

the cloud war form some started with cloud computing

What do you mean you can not smell it take a big deep breath my It is almost as prevalent as smelling napalm during a Vietnam morning .





Really I am smelling money but Victory or not this is hard to say there are a few groups involved in this cloud war they are as follows but not limited to :

1 ) Google

2 ) IBM

3 ) Amazon
Just to name a few of the big hitters in the constant changing of this algorithm branching out in this business and Cloud war was Amazon . The lightning strike took place during the acquisition purchase of a company called nice according to venture beat . Straight out of the archives of venture beat I give you the AMAZON ACQUISITION OF NICE . So this article from venture beat peaked an interest and I asked myself what was the history of Amazons web base services ? Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of AMAZON WEB BASE SERVICES . Noting Amazon services were abbreviated AWS I thought they must have a website without further delay straight out of the archives of AWS I give you AMAZON WEB SERVICES .

In Conclusion

So what is this cloud war really about obviously it encompasses a couple of different areas from the public , privet and business sectors . From just wanting to store your Data to letting you use business infrastructural tools to run our businesses . Who is the best service to go with well that could boil down to a few things or a lot of things but one thing is for sure it requires homework that must be done by the individual or company . Although I am partial to Google and IBM but for different reasons of my own but like said it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) to do the homework and decide for yourself . A few more predicted lightning strike in this algorithmic Cloud war will be the advancement of IOT and Quantum computing . But in the midterm of waiting for these heavy advancements there will be I am sure more acquisitions .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the CLOUD WARS I am out .

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