Central Processing Units

Central processing units who has One

Dare I say everyone has a central processing unit better known as the brain .
The ( CPU ) in human terms is called the brain and no matter how much we wish to group things together every human ( CPU ) unit is different .

central processing unit

everyone has a central processing unit but none are the same that is what makes us different

This gives the great opportunity to be different But there is another central processing unit that has Ben on the block for a while and remains in the mainstream of most peoples lives but sometimes do not think of .

Central processing units for Devices

central processor

central processors units are in all devices

That is right every device we use today has one whether it be a phone , laptop or the down right extreme PC .
It is a lot easier to understand the Device ( CPU ) because it is man made .
But for those whom are slightly confused and for those who want to get there diodes heated up with a little refresher .
I am going to share this peace of golden info straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of the CENTRAL POCESSING UNIT .

Central processing Unit

central processing

INTEL is slowing production of there central processing units

As we all know technology and how it works is constantly changing and I suppose some could arguably state at the front of this is the ( CPU ) .
Apparently according to arstechnia INTEL is doing some back peddling in there mainstream developments .
At least wen it comes to there new and improved ( CPU ) due to difficulties and lack of improvements at this time .
But before we get to the whole backpedaling of INTEL we should understand what the abbreviation ( nm ) stands for .
So for a quick brush up or because you just do not know straight out of the archives of Tomshardware I give you the meaning of ( nm ) .
And for further reading straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the meaning of ( nm ) .
Knowing your central processing unit before building any system or device is paramount .

Central processing unit and INTEL

central processing unit

Intel has found complications in the development of there new central processing unit

So is the clock broken at INTEL is time actually standing still in the midst of technology ?
Well this is yet to be seen but without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnica I give you the tik that is not tak ing at this time .

In Conclusion

Will this put a ripple affect in the advancement in technology at least for INTEL products and if so how much ?
Will this allow other companies to catch up or even take the lead in the development of central processing units ?

These are all good questions but unfortunately I do not have all the answers but this gives you and yes I said ( YOU ) the opportunity to join me in the ponder-meant of the effect this will have as whole if any .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT I am out .

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