Broadcoms New Technology


The Prototype

Straight out of San Francisco Broadcom throws together a twenty dollar kit geared toward hardware .
It is called the wiced sensor kit sporting wifi capabilities to connect to any device with a down-loadable APP .
Bringing to your finger tips different sensors , so without further delay straight out of the archives of Cnet I bring you the sensor kit .




Is There Something More

Although these are cool features and some are displayed on my office wall although they don’t communicate with my other devices .
Something left me feeling like there must be something more to this story from Broadcom so for this I turned to youtube which is owned by Google BTW if you haven’t Ben keeping up .
And bingo I was correct , they had a booth at the CES 2014 .
Check out Broadcoms video it is short sweet and to the point , so here it is check it .





In Conclusion

Still I am sorry to say I didn’t seem to notice anything that raised an eye brow or struck me hard .
As a matter of fact it kinda maid me wondering is Broadcom late to the game or is the main playing cards connecting to the phones and or the cloud ?
And the other looming question how many separate APPS will you need to download ?
And what kind of increased data usage and charges and will there APPS be battery hogs ?
Well who knows but any who have a great Broadcom surfing day I be gone .


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