Breach Government Hacked Data Base Unlocked

The fall guy of the Breach


Threw out history it has Ben well known instead of putting the blame were it belongs government upper officials like to point the finger .
Owe it was him or her I hired them to do the job while minutely ignoring all suggestions for improvement .

Fall woman for breached DATA

They are always looking for the fall guy or woman in this case of breached DATA

This may or may not be the circumstance but hey after doing the accumulated math it seems to add up .
Were did I come up with equation of 2 + 2 = 4 .
In past articles it was purely stated that the government infrastructure was running on out dated systems from windows 95 to the 98 .
Even the best of programmers would find it very hard to secure such a premature architecture especially wen the everyday smart phone has the capability of breaching such systems and networks .
So whom is the fall guy for this breach none other than Katherine Archuleta .
Although she has stated she will not resign from her position she did not point out the complication of the matter .

This type of breach is Huge

This type of breach into Americas DATA base is huge everyone from the past six or so years and maybe more were effected .
So without further delay straight out of the archives from the newyorktimes I give you the DATA base Hacking BREACH .
But it dose not stop there owe know further reports show that China is supposedly responsible for this hacking breach .
From an article put out by none other than the verg Obama is considering a retaliatory computer move or ( strike ) .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of the verg I give you the possible COMPUTER WAR STRIKE form the USA to China .

The breach with a algorithmic Twist

breach algorithm

Further breach shows algorithmic use to track politicians airline activities and were abouts

That is right the twist not just any twist but the twist to sure bring the lemon juice .
The breach has now took a full swing into the airline industry in the midst of algorithmic tracking of personal supposedly to be hidden in a Chinese DATA Cloud base .
What ? Are you serious I suppose this could all be possible but highly unlikely from my perspective .
But before I go there straight out of the archives of bloomberg I give you the breach two the united airlines and the ALGORITHMIC TRACKING of political personal .
Sure enough China may take the bullet for this and the embarrassment in order to protect further infrastructure .

Something smells breach fishy in this Hack

breach smells fishy

something smells fishy in this breach of DATA dose it have to do with the five eyes


We can not forget the information Edward Snowden shared with Americans and the world and the infrastructure the NSA has built .
We must also remember the beginnings of the five eyes and the history of espionage and spying and how it all breaks down between double agents and such .
China being part of the five eyes would take the bullet and pretend to be quit embarrassed and most likely hinge upon a fake retaliation until talks would begin .

In Conclusion

There is only one reason the government would keep running there DATA base systems on six to eight year old architecture .
Easy access for the NSA they do not have to cry or beg for the back-doors they are well proven and upfront .
It sounds more like to me that Katherine Archuleta were just that good and stumbled upon this breach and somebody was like oops cover up and it is your fault .
Lets fire her and hire someone who will play ball .
This is only a assortment of the facts it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader to do your homework and put these facts to truth or plain conspiracy theory .
But what ever the truths are looms in the brinks of all of us and soon it shall all be known whether threw historians or the next whistle blower .
Have a great day be safe while riding the wave of the GRAET AMERICAN DATA BREACH I am out .

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