Birth Reproduction And Children

Reproduction and Birth of Children

One of the most beautiful things in the world and one of the most ongoing painful times in ones life .
Reproduction once thought of as the most precious moments between a man and a women . Threw out the years we have played with these precepts and in the midst of the precepts there are many reasons and wants to give birth and reproduce .

birth sperm bank

Sperm banks are one way of preserving birth in a family

Although I am well aware of the many issues dealing with birth and reproduction of children and the rush of the younger generation to do so that is not what this articles about .
In the twenty first century there are a few ways reproduction and birth can occur .

Reproduction and Birth

Birth threw test tubes

Birth threw test tube is another means

Of course there is the normal way of reproducing and giving birth between a man and woman which hopefully would occur with much love .
Than there are sperm banks that people donate to for one reason or another if you would like more information about this please refer to this wikipedia link on the history of sperm banks .
Then there is the test tube birth better known as vitro fertilization for this straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of the test tube babies .
As you can see scientists from all over the world have all been racing to discover ways to manipulate the birthing process .
I am not suggesting that any of these processes are wrong or right but we must ponder where do we draw lines if at all in the manipulation of birth and DNA .
DNA is a big process of reproduction and birth it makes us who we are for this straight ought of the archives of wikipedea I give you the history of molecular biology .
Then there is cloning .

Birth cloning to Reproduction

Birth by cloning

Birth by cloning has been thought of for quit some time band in most parts of the world is it to much are they playing GOD ?

Cloning outlawed in many areas of the world and in some parts of the world not having the knowledge or capabilities to do such things .
Some rejoice of the mere essence as others totally quiver at the IDEA of cloning for this straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of human cloning .
There are many rumors that cloning has already begun and that is very expensive and set aside for the very rich or presidents and this could be quit possible .
Many argue this would be a good thing and extinct species could be brought back to life along with people like Einstein and Hitler or maybe Gorge Washington .
Possibly as time goes by even a second you or even Jesus himself as scientist try to play GOD .
The sending of DNA threw E mail and then restructuring within a lab has already occurred the last part of theses building blocks I believe is within biological quantum computing .
As scientists struggle harder to bring about teleportation and trying to reach into other dimensions .
Cloning is at our doorstep and ready for production the Chinese have a factory already set up without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you the Human Cloning Factory .

In Conclusion

Who knows what has been already discovered or done in the midst of our secret Governments and all the mean while wanting to be the top dog in there findings .
Looking for the breakthrough into the birth of humanity for the sake of a noble prize even if it brings there own demise and the end of civilization as we know it .
I as the writer have not all the answers and leave it to you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader to determine the right or wrong of theses things .
In the midst of doing such things we must keep in mind the race to be the top dog of a conclusion dose not guaranty the safety of the world our the inhabitance of the world .
If all we can do is try to understand than understand we must but there is one thing for sure the nature of things is about to change .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of BIRTH REPRODUCTION and CHILDREN

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