Bio 3D Printing Advances To Skin Growth

3D printing bio or otherwise


3D printing has been around for quit awhile making many advances not only in the medical field but also within the industrial fields . There has been a push to place the 3D printers within every home giving the capability to knew and upcoming Entrepreneurs . One Idea could lead to a prototype and then mass production and for many companies this could lead to lower costs within the production field .

Bio 3D printing advances to skin growth

Bio 3D printing allows astronauts to eat pizza in space .


3D printing dose not stop there it has also entered the fashion as well as the food industry and has been said to be the future food for astronauts implemented by NASA . Who knows how soon it will be before we are able to Star Trek our food with just a button push and wallah out comes a fully cooked roast or chicken . 3D printing has also moved into the construction field building large structures such as housing . In the bio 3D printing arena this obviously works hand and hand with bio computing the medical advances do to 3D printing capabilities is staggering . Considering the beginning features of creating the plastic 3D organs bring ease of examination of each part of the body .

Before we talk about bio 3D Printing

Bio 3D printing advances to skin growth

Imagine the industrial printer right in your home . Let us not forget the Bio printer in the doctors office .

Before we talk about bio 3D printing we will take a look at some industrial 3D printing . Back in May of 2016 I wrote an article called 3 D printers where are they going I found writing this article quit exciting as it touches many aspects from cars to housing . Also this article touched upon the largest 3D printer available at the time and I believe that for those that are interested it is a good article to look over . Being that said straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs I give you 3 D PRINTERS WHERE ARE THEY GOING . You may be wondering well what about the Entrepreneur side I mean I have plenty of Ideas but no 3D printers . Back in September of 2014 I wrote an article called 3D printing and UPS . That is right you can go to UPS and get your prototype put together how much production they can handle I am not sure . Straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs I give you 3 D PRINTING AND UPS . I will put other 3D articles I have written at the bottom of this article under related articles . There has been other advancements in 3D printing as it relates to energy please see the following article straight out of the archives of the 3dprintingindustry I give you TWO NEW ADVANCES SHOW THE 3D PRINTED FUTURE OF ENERGY . Please enjoy this next video as it shows advancements within the automotive and other industries .





I found this next video of 17 amazing 3D printed items was a nice video to end are talk on industrial 3D printing and set the stage for the Bio 3D printing conversation please enjoy .




Bio 3D printing

Bio 3D printer advances to skin growth

Bio 3D printer for skin growth is amazing .
But we can not forget the counterpart the Bio computer .

When considering bio 3D printing we can not forget to look first at bio computing it seems from my point of view one can not go without the other . Posing the question to wikipedia rendered a three part answer although I believe in the presence of Bio 3D printing all of the three answer are entangled and should be reviewed . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you WHAT IS BIO COMPUTING . Without further delay I give you the great discovery of creating skin with a Bio 3D printer please enjoy the following video .





In the midst of all this we must not fail to look at crispr as this is also new technology that also seems to fit hand and hand with Bio computing and or printing . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you WHAT IS CRISPR . To further understand crispr you must see the next video called crisper case 9 please enjoy .






These are all great advancements within our medical field as well as industrial and the enhancement for Entrepreneurship but there could also be a flip side . Back in December of 2014 I wrote this article called 3 – D printer in space . In this article I touch upon E mailing DNA as well as colonizing other planets via manipulation of DNA . Please see the following article straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs I give you 3 – D PRINTER IN SPACE .

Update Bio in the wrong hands

Although i am not sure of any 3D printer used in this processes the next video update shows what happens when crispr reaches the wrong hands not to mention i had thought these types of experiments were outlawed . In my own mind at the moment i am thinking this must have been some secret ops cold war experiment although it is only my thought .
Please see the next video on mad scientists completed DNA manipulation crossing human and pig DNA  .




In Conclusion

Sure enough these are all great advances and they appear well fitted to help humanity as a whole creating skin for skin graphs and curring many illnesses due to the manipulation of DNA . But at the same time in the wrong hands things could go terribly wrong transforming humans to hermaphrodite status one not needing the other . Or even cross planetary germs who knows I could go on all day with what could go wrong . The other question that seems to be looming as we advance AI how much of this transferable DNA will end up within robots as this technology moves forward ? In my opinion and what I have learned about Bio computing and the manipulation of DNA and the restructured development it is theoretically possible to send DNA through E – mail and through Bio computing reconstruct and produce a living bean or said creature . I hope you have a nice day while riding the wave of BIO 3D PRINTING ADVANCES TO SKIN GROWTH I am out .

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