Beta Up

Beta testing use to be for a few set of unique people to get a product ready for the market for users. The few that were chosen to do such a job were considered or labeled geeky and nerdish, no offense meant but that’s just how it was.

Then came the beta versions being released to a good amount of people. This turned into a whole new strategy for everyone all around. The companies got their betas tested with eligible feedback and the testers received whatever the beta was before anyone else. This came with either slight recognition or just a notch in their belt.

Now beta has taken a whole new turn with a lot more beta testers and whether you like it or not you, yes I said YOU, are one of them.

All of our OS, software, apps, games for our counsels and smart TVs have reporting tools. When things go awry an error report is sent so that updates can be made to fix the issue.

So therefore this brings me to the assumption that there are pre-beta testers to bring the product to a functional status.

Beta only ends at the time when it is finished no more updates no more fixes no more improvements which makes everything beta or beta stagnant if it’s not supported any further .

So you ask, what is the end of beta? The final product? Good question.

When ya throw it away and discard it .

And btw being a beta testers not bad it all makes us better as a whole net as we grasp on to the newest best thing but beware not to get sucked into money hungry people whom try to get you to pay to be there beta tester unless it’s worth the notoriety and some royalty pay off .

May the best beta win lol , happy beta surfing and have a beta day peace.


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