Back-door Hacking

Back-door hacking is your Back-door Open


Is your back-door open do you live in a barn ?
But wait take into consideration how many back-doors you have within one system .
Dare I say the number of back-doors is phenomenal .

Any given program or peace of software from the OS to the minuscule printer to the hardly played game has a back-door .
Determining if you have a back-door open can be quit difficult and shutting sometimes impossible depending on the purpose and who opened the back-door .
To bring more clarity to back-dooring I give you back-door computing straight out of the archives of wikipedia .



Back-door and how it gets left Open


Sometimes these back-doors are left open on purpose but sometimes hackers come a knocking .
If you are interested in learning more about back-door hacking and narrowing the playing field put your nerd hat on and make sure to have a liberal amount of time .
Straight out of the archives of icir I give you the Vern papers on detecting and shutting the door .

The latest Back-door left Open



Are you a Mac Daddy running around with everything that is Mac related ?
Or maybe you are and do not even know it .
The implications run high into the now day systems from apple to the now well known safari browser .
This latest back-door comes on the heals of the expiration of the Patriot Act coincidental maybe .
The back-door deals with OSX and flash and is stated according to arstechnica to be permanent .
Without further delay I give you the latest back-door left Open on purpose straight out of the archives of arstechnica .

In Conclusion

So whats the beg deal back-door , front-door who cares ?
Well the bottom line if you leave any door to your system or network open your privacy level is zero .
That means everything is compromised from family photos to credit cards to the well owned business structure to Internet searching .
So close those doors .
Leaving a back-door open allows all types of critters in from the NSA , FBI to the commonly known criminal .
Be safe riding the wave of your back-door you Mac Daddy peace I am out .

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