Automotive Hacking

Automotive hacking by colorful Methods

The one thing everyone needs to get here or there is a ride . The kids must go to school and the bread winner must drive to the work place . There must be a way to shop so pretty much in a nut shell the necessity and conveniences are met threw the auto industry .



Automotive high risk for all

Automotive hacking and back-doors left open .
As you step into your new car and are synced to everything under the sun including the hacker .


But how much of this convenience is a necessity and how much is forcible behavior control ? If you have bought a car that carries these conveniences you will notice them right away for example but not limited to .
1 ) Your vehicle will speak to you in some fashion ( most likely letting you know your phone has synced to your car and or all local authorities ) .
2 ) Your vehicle indicates to you threw your radio that it has connected to an on-line music channel of some sort .
3 ) Your engine light turns on and the only way to shut it off is to have a repairman connect a laptop too it in order to shut it off .
4 ) Key-less car entry or remote start ( siting in your home unlocking or locking your vehicle doors and or starting your car ) owe yes the fun game played with the neighbors ( setting off your car alarms as an insightful ha ha of the moment ) .

These are all good indications you own one of the vehicles I am speaking of . So what is the big deal you love all of these things ? First off that makes you or anyone else the biggest tracking beacon ever . Wen the car starts syncing begins all data is saved from point A to point B . Everything , music you listen to , phone calls made and received as well as the conversations from what time you dropped off your dirty undies at the cleaners to the time you picked them up .

Automotive software and Hacking

Automotive hacking by flash drive

Automotive hacking threw a simple maintenance port .

So lets just forget a minute about all the cheesy stuff I just mentioned and consider the facts of why all this might be taken place . I wish I had all the answers but unfortunately I do not but I do know there is money to be made here . Whom is to make this money umm ( as my eyes shift back and fourth ) ?
I will leave it to you the reader who is not foolish to gain and obtain there own list instead of sharing mine . A familiar question should be asked of your-selfs how could it be possible for a five year old to pick an I phone up and repeatedly lock and unlock car doors our raise the temperature of a car ? Vehicles on a regular basis now have to have software updates and many recalls have been issued for such purposes . But how and why could this be possible ? Well the only thing that seems to make sense to me is the back-door syndrome propagated threw none other than uncle same handshaking with auto makers . What no you do not think so OK maybe your right but let us consider this fact and deal singed into agreement in 2016 between the two . Automatic breaking by 2021 your car will tell you wen to break and if you do not comply it will do it for you in a timely fashion . Very futuristic very convenient and very KILL SWITCH -Y . Without further delay straight ought of the archives of wikipedia I give you AUTOMATIC BREAKING . This may sound good up and until the point you want to break but your car has determined it is not necessary to break and denies you access to the pedal . And as you have just purchased your new BMW you happen to look out your window to see an identical BMW driving away remember the BACK – DOOR handshaking that has gone on . Without further delay straight out of the archives of wired I give you UNLOCKING THE IGNITION via amplified signal .
These are only a few things that need to be considered as time goes by more and more problems shall arise from this . One of these other threats mentioned by some very what people like to call very prominent news broadcasters said and I quote ( Be careful who you let drive your vehicle one flash drive plugged into a maintenance port of your vehicle can cause havoc ) . They did not define there meaning to the term ( HAVOC ) but there is plenty that could be imagined from the particular statement .

In Conclusion

This is a tough one wen considering what can be done sure enough we could all hide our keys in the freezer as suggested in the article written by wired . And we could cap all of our maintenance ports on our vehicles but still this is not even a fraction of the safety needed as our rights and freedoms still hang as a thread from a shirt waiting to be cut . Automotive makers must be held accountable to there handshaking tasks whether it be with Uncle Sam or hackers . Maybe there is a way to determine which companies are doing the back-door handshakes and just not buy from them , oops did I suggest a boycott threw the compilation of knowledge ?
Have a great day riding the wave of the AUTOMOTIVE HACKING I am out .

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