Australian Solar Powered Car



Now this is what I am talking about at the university of New South Wales .
They have maid many advancements and say they have a long way to go .
I am not sure how they get there funding hopefully they use Crowd-funding if not it would be a great opportunity for them .
These gentlemen deserve a big round of applause for this magnificent car hack .
But without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the fastest solar car .




The Tesla

Yup remember the Tesla and how many states frowned opone them well thieve finally maid it to Hong Kong for there first unveiling .
So check out there super chargers delivered to there owners in this video of the Tesla .





In conclusion

We need more innovation into the electric cars and advancement away from fossil fuels and I truly believe the pressure is on and being felt as in some articles I have read our politicians are starting to trend with there own finances into cleaner investments and I feel this is truly progress .
Have a nice clean day surfing I am out .


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