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Army Corps Of Engineers

Army should have this equipment or simular

The Army Corps Of Engineers should have these type of mobile units ready to go at all times


The first thing we must be thinking is who the heck are the Army Corps Of Engineers and what is there role ? Sure enough they provide support for FEMA how much of this function is collaborated I am not sure . But one thing is for sure there are places in America that need the help of the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS .

Army Corps Of Engineers insignia

The Army Corps of Engineers should have at there disposal mobile desalination units



There are a few things you must ask yourself do you have clean drinking water and what dose your city or town have the capabilities to do during an emergency of contaminated or lack there of water . So let us get a little history on the Army Corps of Engineers shall we ? The first stop straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS . Here is a nice video with history and what the Army Corps Of Engineer is suppose to be all about .




Who needs the Army Corps Of Engineers Immediately

Army and Flint Michigan

As you can see there is plenty of room for the Army to pull a mobile unit on the water way

Well we all need these courageous men and women but we need our government to put them into action along with appropriate funding . As far as I know the men and women that are in need of there services is Flint Michigan if you have not heard about Flint Michigan which I would find hard to believe here is a quick run down . Basically there city and or government officials decided to change ware they obtained there drinking water from . In the midst of this change they contaminated the drinking water with lead poisoning not only adults but there most precocious children . The consequences for the children are apprehensible and can not be corrected instead of linking articles to see what is going on in Flint Michigan I have chosen one video . This one video explains the issue quit well so for those who are not to faint of heart sit back and watch .




So how do I think the Army Corps Of Engineers could help Flint right know ? Well if you may have noticed the history from the wikipedia page shows that they provide support for FEMA and I truly believe they have the capabilities to restore clean drinking water to Flint . If they are not prepared to do this they should be and or they need to get there and soon because what happened in Flint can happen any where in America . As it stands right now all of the plumbing needs to be replaced do to the contamination of the pipes throughout the City of Flint . The Corps could lay out a sub culture of plumbing running threw out the city and surrounding areas connecting to every household . I am sure they have mobile desalination units such as the one I am about to show you in the next video .




But you ask ware would this money come from ? Well as it sits right know every Flint resident is still paying there water bill although some may have given up and became delinquent . That money should be escrowed and put towards the project along with any grants and proceeds that could possibly come from the government and other organizations . And there are also smaller solutions that could be implemented ether by the corps , city or a individual . Enjoy the next few videos with instructional implementation .










More about the Army Corps Of Engineer

Army Corps Of Engineers map

These are the supposed areas the Army Corps Of Engineers are responsible for overseeing

So just who and what is this branch of Military ? Well for this question I would have two refer you directly to there website . So without further delay straight out of the archives of USACE I give you the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS . Who else is in need of such an operation from the corps none other than California as they struggle with there drought . Please see the following article straight out of the archives of grephaxs Reclaiming Our Waters With New Ideas . We have the means and the Technology to handle these types of emergencies bottle water is great for a quick fix but we can do better .
Here is a nice video about career opportunities and what Army Corps Of Engineers enjoy .



In Conclusion

As our fresh water infrastructures shrinks do to demand and from situations that happened in Flint Michigan and other man made contamination caused by man threw things like Fracking . Our emergency management teams such as FEMA need these mobile desalination units ready to go this is a vital necessity to protect the nation . In the Flint Michigan situation bottle water dose little to help with bathing and other hygiene needs and a sub structure plumbing system could be put together in short order . We also need to look at the financial aspect of our cities and towns if the sole bread winer is the sale of water this should never happen it only worsens an emergency and cripples the area . As I said before the immediate funds for such a project like this could come from escrowing all payments coming in to the city of Flint as people are still paying for water they can not use .
Have a great day riding the wave of the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS I am out .

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