Army And 3 D Printing


Army Hack

The Army is about to print it up notch kind of like Emeril Lagasses Bam .
Yup you heard me right print it up a notch COBAM 3 D Missile printing as well as food products IE ( Rations ) strait from the three D printer to the dinner table and the bombing rang .
Straight out of the archives of RT I give you 3 D Missile Printing .






In Conclusion

Wow now if this isn’t classified what is .
The implications of this is huge .
It sounds like 3 D printers in them selves can be dangerous well at least for people using them you know the wrong hands scenario .
And at some point they may require background checks just to own one .
I would imagine soon to come if were not there already scan a blueprint feed it threw the software and bingo get what you want from nukes to virgin olive oil .
Have a safe peaceful day I am way out .


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