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This was the first time I have ever had this type of problem with my 4 sg iphone and it struck me quit odd being it had to do with an updating software ( APPS ) .

The issue appears to be an issue with itunes new interface look but I could be wrong . This issue dose not only effect the iphone 4 sg but ipad and others that updated to I OS 9 .

Apple itunes issue work Around


Apples itunes  APP store issue

There is a work around to the Apple itunes issue


The reason I think this is caused do to there interface is because the procedure of the work around .
First of all keep in mind you have to be quick for this to work .
And believe me when I heard about this I was like no way .
1 ) Open apple itunes .
2 ) In the bottom right click update ( to load the update Page )
3 ) Bottom right click update button repeatedly until itunes starts to reset .
4 )( Be fast here ) Before the main interface Page loads click update to load update Page and click what you want to update .
I found this work around in the archives of reddit so without further delay straight out of the reddit archives I give you the work around to the APPLE ITUNES UPDATE ISSUE .

In Conclusion

Hopefully Apple will get this situation straiten out quickly and not hesitate .
App developers and APP consumers both in the like depend upon theses updates for the highest quality .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of APPLE ITUNES UPDATE .

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