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                                                iOS 8


Are you ready for it , this update is supposed to be one of the biggest yet so its best to do your homework first .
Here is a good place to start right out of the archives of Apple check it .


                                                   In Conclusion


Its always great to know whats going on before any updates whether the company is fourth coming with all information or not .
I have heard one complaint thus far , there is a transformation in the photos were it deletes your prier work so back it up back it up baby ( people ) .
From what i seen the update encompasses from 4G and up and I Pads .
Peace have a great apple surfing day i am out .

New update apples claims of new encryption blocking out all law enforcement straight out of the archives of RT check it .



Who knows how much validity there is to this someone with much higher credentials like DR Richard Stallman needs to put the torch to these claims but hopefully there all true .


                                                        The Next Conclusion

Just remember we hook up to cell towers and isp yada yada ya they have other ways .
It took me about 1 hour and 30 min to do the update on a 4G along with the setup the new features appear to be pretty cool .
well peace for now happy surfing the apple wave .


IOS 8 Update

This update seems to have so many issues and more are becoming into site such as cloud file deletion and some I works projects have Ben lost as well .
I could only imagine that the techs at Apple know whats going on with this decapitated OS .
So straight out of the archives of wired I give you the problems of iOS 8 .

Conclusion Three

IOS 8.0.2 is out is it any better ?
Although some issues were fixed according to Apple there still appears to be a lot of glitches not knowing what they are if you had not updated yet I say good chose and suggest waiting for an all clear from a trusted source of your choice .
Peace I am out .

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